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cough cough cough
Illawarra Shoalhaven

2595 Days without a smoke.

Posted in Staying quit 30 Dec 2019

Hi Everyone,

Thought id come back and share a story for Christmas.

I gave up smoking on November 21 , 2012. I had major surgery and for it to be successful i had to stop smoking and I did.

37 years of lung busting finished . What a battle but worth every bit of it.

Started exercising , watching my diet , became single, met a new partner. go to shows and concerts regularly . 2 good holidays every year, lost just on 20 kilos but put 5 back on.

Stop hiding and sneaking and start breathing fresh air and tasting beautiful food and wine.

Life is too good to waste your health and your time and your money on stinking cigarettes..I've saved and spent $70,000 that I wouldve wasted on cigarettes.

Life is great , enjoy it.

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  • cough cough cough, Illawarra Shoalhaven January 08, 2020 | 7:51
    Great stuff Lia,
    It is the best thing we can ever do.
    Keep enjoying your new life
  • Lia December 30, 2019 | 22:24
    Hi Cough Cough. Thanks for popping in. At 1675 days I find it encouraging to know long time quitters take the time to remind others of the road ahead and the rewards along the way. I have enjoyed reinvesting $36000 instead of having a bonfire in the ashtray. Yes, also put on 20kg and after 2 years decided enough was enough. Lost 18 kg by going on a diet which I refer to as "avoiding 50 Sades of beige", from bread, cheese and wine, etc. 1/2 kg a week till goal achieved. I hope I will keep following in your footsteps and shadow...
  • Happiness December 30, 2019 | 13:21
    Great to hear from you cough , cough, . How can i top that? Yes , money is so much better on things and people and experiences in our lives that matter or make a difference.
    Money does not matter to me so i have to believe that maybe my role is just to make a difference to others, just as every story of encouragement brings forth hope and belief regardless of the time of year. New stories are welcome to all, especially the ones who have tired of my Everyone can and deserves the right to be free of nicotine. Stick around and learn , right? Take care my friend, and enjoy life without smoking. You are worth it!
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 30, 2019 | 13:17
    Good on you Cough Cough! I bet you don't cough now!
    What a great story to read.
    You're living life to the max!
    It's so nice that you share your story as it gives others hope and something wonderful and worthwhile to work toward.
    Keep on being happy without smoking! You've proved that it's worth it.

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