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pamela (chooky)
Northern NSW

Staying strong

Posted in Staying quit 30 Dec 2019

It’s been 1,3001 day without cigarettes. It’s the longest journey I ever quit smoking and I never ever look back.

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  • Happiness December 30, 2019 | 10:37
    Hi Pamela. I think is is wonderful when successful member come by sporting thousands of days or many years under there belts to prove to the newcomers that sites like iCanQuit do work. So Congratulations and by reading through your posts i know you never wavered in your convictions. I hope life has treated you well and that you got to go to Queensland and even perhaps abroad. Enjoying life's experience is a great trade off! To think some still think that they are or might be "missing out " by quitting smoking. (Well, to think we were once them!)

    While i think forums came out mainly for support, with the computer age and all there is so much information. One thing may not work for some whereas another idea might resonate with someone else. We are all different and hopefullt through our collective experiences, we can reach someone who feels lost.

    So well done Pamela and I hope you will stick around awhile and offer support to the newcomers coming soon.

    I also invite all the newcomers to follow the story of Pisces. I am sure she will be thrilled that she, by her own words on her Day 1 felt weak and pathetic, is today a mentor. :)
    She took our ideas and criticisms with thought and grace. A quick learner, she grasped the mindset pretty well for having a phone with a small screen as not to make reading Allen Carr a first priority. She of course now wishes she had read it first, but has bought a hard copy to keep handy for further inspiration. Despite her phone with auto correct which knew absolutely nothing about this process, we nevertheless understood her pleas for help. :)

    Once grasping the mindset we spoke of, she was away.....forgetting to put patches on in her excitement....and proving my theory that even after accepting the mindset, there may be no cravings from nicotine withdrawal .
    The mind is a wonderful thing. Having it work for you makes this journey easy.
    My hubby and daughter are also like me and had no craving quitting cold turkey after the 72 hrs. expected where nicotine is leaving the system.

    I have since called my quit style SMART Turkey (I read it somewhere as being cold-turkey with knowledge). Pisces has discovered a new one she called COLD CHICKEN...... we love it. Look for her story by that name.

    Hoping to hear from many of you lurking in the wings, old and new alike. It is so great to read the stories. They give hope and encouragement to all.

  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 30, 2019 | 16:25
    Oh! HAPPINESS thank you so much for you kind words. I wish you were next to me I
    would give you the biggest hug.
    I was pretty down in the beginning. I don't know if the patches were working or not but I know without a doubt the ICANQUIT forum did definitely help and educate me.
    The book was my turning point. Forum and book = QUIT.

    Thank you so very much HAPPINESS for everything that you do for us all. This site would be NOTHING without you and others like you.
    I can't emphasise enough that you have to understand NICOTINE I learnt a lot about it right here. To understand it is the way to fight it.

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