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Rewarding myself by....

Posted in Staying quit 21 Dec 2019
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I love to eat. I have been eating and making up for not really having many cravings while I was smoking. It is glorious, and I even savor the meals. I think I taste the food and drinks better. Plus, chocolate drinks just feel good to the bone.

I'm also getting back into doing some of the things that I used to be into before I really started to become a smoker.

And I think as a thing I am just now noticing -- becoming independent. I might still live with my parents and have some things that my mom goes with me to, but I have a feeling.

How is becoming independent a reward? Because I will get some space.

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness December 21, 2019 | 4:20
    Hi r.m.d. I see that you changed your avatar. :) I love it! We have many reasons to smile and feel good about ourselves after quitting smoking.

    Life does go on and we find things to replace the time we spend smoking. I also enjoy eating, but don't need the extra pounds, but I have enjoyed trying things like making bagels the other day. I never seem to have enough room in the freezer for bulky things like hamburger buns, so they are next to try. Making things fresh on demand is kind of cool.

    So I calculate you to be about 169 days smoke free r.m.d. Great Job!

    You mentioned taking the edge off of cravings with some nicotine gum about 6 weeks ago. I do hope you are off that kind of gum and perhaps just using regular spearmint chewing gum. People do get addicted to those nrl's when taking them too long. Just be mindful.

    So happy everything is going well for you and your family. Knowing that you have been determined enough to have beaten a terrible addiction must give you the confidence in other areas of your life. You really do start to feel better about yourself. You made a huge decision, carried through and have shown your independence in that way. It is good to have a good family by your side though to help guide you when life changing decisions are to be made. After all, the older are generally wiser and only want to spare you any needless suffering.

    Enjoy the holiday season R.m.d.
    Great hearing from you. Check in again soon!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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