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Posted in Staying quit 17 Dec 2019
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Do I miss smoking? There are certainly times when I wish I could smoke without the side effects that I am well aware of. The cravings do appar from time to time but I am in control of my cravings. I also know not to be complacent.

The one side effect of quitting that I was not thrilled about was my weight gain. That too has become a non issue as I have started losing the lbs. At 10lbs now and generally feeling good about my health.

Feel great telling doctors that I am a non-smoker. Felt good to call my life insurance company to reduce my premiums to non smoker levels.... (they said I have to stay quit for 2 years which isn't too far away) Feels good to not snore at night.

And my resolve to stay quit has also led me to be alcohol free for 9 months. I would most certainly have slipped had I also not quit alcohol. I had a near slip 9 months back when I decided that I really don't need alcohol.

Thank you to all; whose posts I have read to stay motivated and on track!

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness December 27, 2019 | 9:17
    Congratulations on an amazing 500 days Aniruddha. So sorry I overlooked your post.
    Isn't it wonderful how we take a new outlook on life and take a course of action in other areas like alcohol consumption, exercise, weight etc...
    Becoming a non=smoker is the single best thing we could ever do for ourselves.

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