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The same but different

Posted in Hints and tips 13 Dec 2019

When i was young, everyone smoked. It was the cool thing to do. These day to our young people, vaping is the cool thing to do. When you think about it, a lot of the things that we did, our kids are doing in a different way. We smoked. They Vape. We smoked a pipe. They smoke E cigs. We chewed tobacco. They chew nicotine gum. The same but different. However, There is one big difference. We didnt know the danger of smoking. They do know the danger of vaping. Thanks to the internet, all of the information is there for all to see. I think that there should be more pop ups on the web with graphic warnings. Everytime our young people log on, it will pop up Dont Smoke. Dont Vape etc. I think that if Vaping is legalised, we will have a big problem for our future generations

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  • Happiness December 14, 2019 | 0:58
    That is what I fear most.Why did we smoke. We were warned of it being addictive, but as i have read, who would think we would become addicted to something that tasted so awful and made us gag. But the Nicotine is a odd animal with talons like other mind altering drugs.

    Today I image it taste quit nice and although they have information at their fingertips all day long they don't have the time to research it. We didn't have that option. Even if they did the research, it is the trend, the peer pressure, or rebelliousness that draws them. Now the increasingly harmful game of huge draws to produce the biggest vapor cloud. Even without nicotine it could be very dangerous, especially misused. I imagine most end up using nicotine. Even if they chose not to use nicotine, if a friend says "oh you gotta try this pineapple flavour," they may not think to ask about nicotine content or think that just a couple of puffs here and there won't hurt.

    As a quit smoking group I don't know that there is much if anything that we can do for the young ones starting out. We can however hopefully direct the older smokers to using it as an NRT with help of quit smoking/vaping/nicotine support. We know how many times we wished we could quit over the decades. Now we can offer them hope that they can even if they are not as brave and committed as those coming to us on their own accord. I never believed I could until I saw others succeeding and got some knowledge on nicotine. Once i believed i could quit I did.

    What do others think about getting the message out and how would we do it?
    Christmas is coming and those visitors are promoting vaping. New Years is time for quit smoking resolutions, the trend has gone viral. It is a matter of time.....even in Australia i would think. Should we not try to save some who have not been so fortunate as to have wound up on a quit forum? Fate brought me here and I will be forever grateful.

    Once legalized, the weak will stampede and take their chances on something to be stated as 95% safer than smoking. Look at the savings alone! I was going to get my e-pen out but the battery was dead and i had lost the cord and couldn't replace it. Fate.

    We can do a lot of good for many here, but we have to get them here first. We offer complete freedom from Nicotine. No more timetable . Total freedom and the pride and confidence that we did this and that we are worth it.

    Do we move to action ?
    What can we do?

    Evil reigns when good does nothing.
  • Happiness December 14, 2019 | 1:13
    No one wants a repeat of the other night. They made their point and left. Next time we ignore them like a craving. We have addressed the issue and people are aware of both sides of the coin, and for us nothing has changed. We are a quit smoking group and as an NRT only is acceptable.

    If we go ahead with some story on facebook or twitter(which i know nothing about) and other social medias, we can get friends to share, ask other quit groups to copy and get members to do the same. We as a collective of quit groups could go viral just as Vaping did.

    Any views on this would be of help. Even a simple Yay or NaY.
  • Red-67 December 14, 2019 | 5:12
    I think, if we have someone come in advocating vape, first, read the full story, and determine if it is simply a quitting aid, with a plan to stop, or just a promotion for, d--n VAPING. We can discuss it, as with any other NRT, or aid, with, or without nicotine. But, we can also, as nicely as possible, point out that we are (( iCanQuit )) not I can switch to something else. We really do not need to see statistics, or debate the pros and cons. We support ridding ourselves, of the need to use any device, to ingest chemicals into our body. After that, simply ignore the post. With no response, they can just move on. We simply take a stand for QUITTING. They can go find a VAPING forum :)
  • Happiness December 14, 2019 | 7:59
    Yes i agree with all of that Red, but what about trying to get the message out cautioning against vaping and to seek a quit smoking group and using an e-pen or such smaller device as an Nrt. temporarily. I wish it would be as a last resort personally.

    While researching today I saw that they spoke of banning the flavors in E-liquids to deter teens in the U.S. . Only current smokers would enjoy them then. You do not want to know to what extend some people go to for a high. I will not repeat and encourage. Disgusting. What is this world coming to?
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 14, 2019 | 8:03
    That's so true. We lived in a time BEFORE drugs. We didn't, or I didn't know what ADDICTION meant.
    EVERYONE was smoking because it was so cool. All the movie stars and everywhere you went. Even in shopping centres, aeroplane Restaurants!
    We got hooked because we didn't know what ADDICTION was.
    Oh! We know now. Hooked as anyone on any other recreational drug.

    We CANNOT condone and support Vaping. It is NOT COOL. It's a carbon copy of us 50 years ago.
    Look at the homepage of this website and follow links to Health Departments in NSW and Australia... It's a warning in itself.
    If it's a temporary solution to wean off an already addicted smoker then ok. But not as a new fad for young people. I'm afaid of Gaping chemicals etc. Search Facebook! Wow! Gaping is a big $$$$$ industry. Some are appealing for others to sell their Juice as they claim to be desperate. I admit I don't know much about Vaping.
    I'm just afraid it's like a replay of our lives all over again.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 14, 2019 | 8:04
  • Red-67 December 14, 2019 | 8:35
    I have no desire to bash heads with the VAPERs. fighting windmills :)
    Here, I can help, some, We are iCanQuit, and here to support, any tool, to that end. If someone says, snorting Chicken Soup helped him quit smoking, we just ask if he is still snorting soup ?? LOL
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 14, 2019 | 10:59
    Haha! I'm in your camp 👍🙋‍♀️😛
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 14, 2019 | 11:00
    I'm a mother and grandmother and I see similarities here. I need to save myself first!!
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 14, 2019 | 11:05
    I just watched 3 Seasons of THE CROWN.
    EVERYONE had a cigarette in their mouths.
    We really notice the difference now as times have changed.
    3 people died of smoking related cancer s though.
    The King, His brother and Princess Margaret the Queen's sister.
    It was just how everyone was then.
    We know better now. Some of of us listened. Some didn't.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 14, 2019 | 11:07
    I'm a mother and grandmother and I see similarities here. I need to save myself first!!
  • Broncor, Mid North Coast December 14, 2019 | 21:53
    Hey nuts, so glad to see you going strong, I have been checking in for last few days and have to say it gave me a few good laughs, but seriously I was one of those that bought the vape equipment but luckily it was $100 completely wasted, hated it and thought it was replacing one bad habit with another, lasted 2 days... anyways I just had my first birthday in over 35 years smoke free... can’t believe it it has been almost 10 months for me and so close to your 12 months, always greatful for you, never going back
  • Happiness December 15, 2019 | 1:38
    I am so glad to see you back Broncor. Yes, a little excitement around here, but it was also an eye opener as what to expect in the future. I hope that all the members here learned something through it all and will keep the desire to remain free of nicotine. So, in that way, perhaps it was a good thing. Who knows, maybe those other guests will come back and get the desire to be free as well.
    You're doing great Broncor, I expected no less from you. I hope you intend to stick around and help support others so that they can achieve what you did. I am sorry we didn't see eye to eye on a topic and hope we can leave that in the past.
    So great to hear from you, at least keep contact, and most certainly keep on being a happy non-smoker!
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 15, 2019 | 8:13
    Hi Broncor....congratulations!
    A birthday without a cigarette will be me too in 2 months. The first for a lost 50 years and I look forward to this milestone in my life...
    Your 12 months smoking free day is not far away...I'm on Day 11 now and am this far because if the support and motivation via this Forum.
    Glad you ditched Vaping too.
    It's really a good thing that you've popped back to say hello as new quitters like me are
    motivated and inspired by the way you have achieved your QUIT. Nice to meet you.

  • Nuts December 15, 2019 | 12:24
    Hi Broncor. Good to hear from you. Hasnt the time gone quickly. Wow 10 months for you. Its amazing. We have come a long way together and i am so glad that you are going so well. Happy Birthday to you. I am glad that you didnt like vaping. I agree that its another bad habit . Stay in touch, Its always good to hear success stories
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW December 15, 2019 | 20:33
    I remember you notching up your 100 days. I was so pleased for you that I decided to leave the site alone until I reached 100 days myself. Well, that plan didnt work. It didnt eventuate. And here I am again preparing for my final Quit.
    Anyway, Its great to know that you continued the N.O.P.E and congratulations on a smoke free birthday in 35 years.
    By the way I had sometimes wondered, how long did you take the prescription Champix? And, how did you feel on stopping them?
  • Johnnie, South Eastern Sydney December 23, 2019 | 21:06
    Hi everyone just a pop in to say hello. Regarding vaping i can strongly advise that from what i have seen from friends of mine that have vaped us that the practice is WORSE than smoking cigarettes. The amount of Bronchial tube infections vaping causes is horrible. If you decide to quit then quit by just inhaling AIR. Thankyou. All the best everyone.

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