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Posted in Hints and tips 12 Dec 2019

Hi All

Please don't give up you can do it. First thing to do is tell everybody that you are no longer a filthy smoker. They will get on your back if they see you smoking. Then set a date that you want to reach smoke free. Be proud of each week you are clean tell your friends. Then open a savings account and put the money you spend each week into it. This is your reward you will love it.Watching the account grow helps.One of the hardest things is not touching the money. My date was my daughter moving to England and me going to visit her but doubted I could do it. My time frame was one year. I did it and with the money I saved $5720.00 I was able to add this to my fare and go in comfort business class. I have since been back every August to visit her and her new husband. Feeling fit and healthy even put on a little weight. Three years free from the bad smell and being ashamed to stand close to other people. And saving over $17000.00 dollars. You really don't know how bad you smell. You need the willpower to want to do it and you need the won't power to say I won't let that little paper tube of foul weed ruin my life. Are you a proud mum or dad, are you a proud human being. BE A PROUD NON SMOKER it is worth it.

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  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 12, 2019 | 14:24
    How nice is it to have this positive inspiration and friendship?
    I love the separate bank account.
    Yes there was always money for smokes. Even put them on credit.
    Yes Happiness. Like the Hare and the Tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race.
    Thank you all. I was feeling pretty low and you've given me a boost of happy thoughts.
  • Happiness December 12, 2019 | 13:24
    Yep we always found the money for smokes. My needs are simple now that i have retired, but every dollar adds up. Don't forget to add your money saved from smoking on the Money Tree i planted I know the figures last year of tubes of weed tossed on the bonfire were impressive! All that smoke and filth spared from our lungs.
    Quitting smoking has spared our off spring too, isn't that such a blessing Pisces. Tell your son I am proud of him and he is chip off the old block. Not meaning your an old girl but we know you got some fire left in ya...
    He would be proud.

    TryingTK, start saving those dollars now for a long and bright future. Investing in a house is a great investment, Smoking you are left with a pile of ash and in the hole.

    Woka, a big congratulations and I can't think of money better spent. Over three years a proud and happy non-smoker.....WOW. You are an inspiration to the community and thank you for sticking around all this time. I believe it is part of a successful sustained quit and a win win for both you and the community.

  • Nuts December 12, 2019 | 12:56
    Hey TryingTk. You can get a months supply of patches with a script from the doctor for only $6. Check it out
  • TryingTK December 12, 2019 | 10:30
    Very inspirational story! The amount of money is unbelievable. My fiancé and I are trying to save if for a house. And if I quit, in two years ill have saved half of a down payment. The crazy thing is when you’re in the depths of addiction you don’t think twice about it. Right now, I’m buying seven days of the patch at a time, and I look at it and go whoa, $15? And then I think that’s what I’d spend every day on cigarettes.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 12, 2019 | 9:26
    Not joker. Smoker
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 12, 2019 | 9:24
    Thanks Woka for your inspiration. You've done yourself proud. I'm on Day 8 and I might follow your lead of a new bank account. That's a GREAT idea. Will do I it Monday. By then it Will be about $150 saved in a few short days.
    W e 'll, not really short days.
    I too can smell other people's smoke. They walk past you in the shoppi g centre ornate the Club and it's a dirty sweaty filthy smell.
    Thanks for giving us all a boost. I have only told 3 people. My mum and 2 sons. They are proud of me and so supportive and cheer me on every day. I'll wait a while before I go public. I never smoked in front of anyone so it doesn't matter.
    One of my son's is a s joker and when I told him he's jumped on my bandwagon and he is on Day 4.
    I might encourage him to open another bank account just for himself.
    I am proud of my achievement and I WON'T be going back to that awful place where I felt like a low life and a desperate. I'm worth more.
    My thanks to you and many of other kind and positive forum friends who inspired and motivated me to keep going and to understand. It's not easybut it's very worthwhile. I'm loving my feelings of self respect, self confidence and strength. Thanks fir sharing. It really matters and it does help others.
    I'm on 2nd week of Nicorette 15mg

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