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E-cig, as quitting aid, or VAPING ?

Posted in Hints and tips 11 Dec 2019

Wow, I have been reading over the post, for yesterday, and things got a little crazy..

I am a big fan of cold turkey. I also understand that many can't handle it, for an assortment of reasons. Had I not been semi retired, and needed maintain any kind of production, I may not have made it. I was pretty useless for a couple weeks.

I have recommended the use of a simple, disposable E-cig, with nicotine, as a temporary NRT, and seen it work.. As with any, stop smoking aid, the key word is,, temporary. I would recommend it before patches, gum, or lozenges, because all of those maintain a high level of nicotine in the system. The E-cig, can provide a hit or two, and then be put down, as a simple crutch, on an otherwise cold turkey quit. This is done with a plan, to be truly free, in a fairly short time.

Now, Just my way of thinking here. When you buy some kind of, rechargeable hardware, and Vape juice, you are going beyond a quit smoking, NRT type aid. Now you are switching to Vaping. The problem is just terminology. We should have another name, or packaging for an E-cig, as NRT, for quitting smoking.

Today, when I see the word VAPING, I see too many teens, and young adults, using these devices to deliver huge amounts of vapor, like some kind of sport, and we are starting to see health problems from it. This is young people, who were not smokers, filling their lungs with large amounts of mostly uncontrolled flavors and juices.

So, my opinion, we could just call the TEMPORARY use of an E-cig, to quit smoking, another form of NRT.. I really hate to see this VAPING craziness among young people. I'm afraid of the long term consequences, we have yet to see.

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  • Red-67 December 11, 2019 | 10:07
    "" and needed to maintain any kind of production ""
    Why is it, that we don't see our typos until it's too late to fix it ? :)
    I hope all that makes some kind of sense of the issue. In the long run, we should all just want to breathe clean air. I do, even if it did take many years of smoking to get here..
  • Rikki December 11, 2019 | 11:38
    My view is that every quit should approach vaping or E-cigarettes or NRT or ENDS with the same intention of using them to quit smoking. And it is most beneficial to reduce nicotine intake to zero. However I think what is more important is people are not smoking. And for some people if that means they never remove their crutch or habit, at the very least they have removed over 95% of the harm of smoking combustible cigarettes and I won't judge them for that. I said it myself, I still use my vape sometimes especially in social situations or while drinking alcohol, as these are the times I would be tempted to smoke. I don't put a timeline on people's quitting nicotine. As long as they aren't destroying their lungs with combustible cigarettes with their thousands of toxic chemicals and tar. I would like to point out about young people however that due to vapings popularity it has drastically reduced the number of smokers in under 21 year Olds. We are seeing a shift in the dynamic of nicotine dependence, and I'm actually glad it's a 95% safer alternative. So I guess that's an odd perspective for me to have, but I think it is shared after reading studies showing the only young adults taking up vaping are at risk(currently smoking), or high risk (likely to smoke) taking individuals that are most likely to smoke aswell. As for vaping being responsible for any recorded harm, I would be highly sceptical of that, as far as I'm aware (and I generally read all studies released on ENDS or vaping) there are no recorded cases of serious lung injury WORLDWIDE! With using store bought nicotine eliquids in over 50 million users world wide. That's remarkable in itself even Champix can't boast that. There have however due to massive media hysteria and lack of education been an outbreak of people having issues with THC and CBD e-joints, that have been mislabeled e-cigarette or vaping related illness by the media, this was due to containing toxic oils Which E-cigarettes do not contain. Infact e-cigarettes are water soluble solutions and contain no oils of any kind. There have also been reports of toxic metals in vapourisers, again these are not from normal e-cigarettes but rather black market high heat producing THC and CBD oil e-joints. Saying these ingredients are uncontrolled is also misleading, all ingredients used in eliquids on the legal market are made with FDA approved ingredients and or TGA approved ingredients from the UK. All eliquids from the US are registered with the FDA. What I do see is allot of misinformation on Vaping, E cigarettes, ENDS or what have you because of what it "looks like" which ironically is the whole reason for it's effectiveness and succes. And unfortunately it has become a victim of its own success as well by being taken up in younger adults. But as I said before, studies show these numbers are previously high risk or "likely to smoke" users. I see a massive potential to eradicate smoking all together from the Australian marketplace and it's availability by utilising Vaping or ENDS to take their place. It would be a huge win for public health. And save so much suffering and expense (except perhaps to the government tax deficit) I hope that makes sense or you can see that point of view.
  • Rikki December 11, 2019 | 11:47
    I hope this works, but here is a study source link that has over 380 related study sources and scholarly articles on vaping, that may help explain every aspect in detail. I should note, that like any medication or NRT device their will always be some aspect of potential harm from using products. And I think you will find these studies dispel any myths surrounding them.
  • Red-67 December 12, 2019 | 5:28
    Wow, Rikki; Thanks for the response, but I did not need another lecture, or more shaded statistics, assuming my ignorance. I am not an opponent :)
    I was just trying to explain my opinion, as simply as possible, on the difference between vape, when used as an aid to quit, or, an alternative to smoking, and the current trend, here in the States, of young people getting into this, extreme, vaping, for lack of a better term.
    I seriously doubt any attempt to determine how many of these teens, would, or would not, have picked up smoking, and it does not matter.

    The fact is, and I can only speak for, here, in the States, we are seeing an increasing trend of teens vaping.
    Fact. We are seeing an increase in health issues, related to vaping, in young people. And, I would agree, that it is likely due to excess, and even the black market, or home brew juice, but it is happening..
    In my, personal, observation, I see many vaping, in a way, not at all like smoking. Long, deep, inhale, and then big cloud exhale. Is this just some sport, to see who can make the biggest cloud ? No answer needed.. :)
    That is my main concern. Inhaling large amounts, of anything like that, can not be good for the lungs. Unfortunately, we have the terminology problem. It's all vaping.. My problem, is not with vape in regard to replacing smoking. But, when it is a room full of teens, with devices designed to produce huge amounts of vapor, yes, I have a problem with that. Not that I think it will change anything.
    So, my point was, simply, the definition of vaping. On one side, a good thing, but on the other side, a bad trend, that is, in fact, beginning to show serious health issues. So, when discussing the pros, and cons, one should understand how the argument can get out of hand. It would help, if we had two different words. That's all :)
  • Happiness December 13, 2019 | 11:44
    I would be more open to vaping as an NRT. They don't care about that part. It's join the bandwagon or nothing. They even hid the fact that they were nicotine free instead of using it to gain our support. They only replied at all to support vaping and ensured in arguments to draw more attention. If it was about supporting those two instigators i wouldn't.

    They still didn't answer my question about how they advise weaning off of vaping with nicotine or anything else useful for quitting nicotine in general. In fact they said that that was not their concern. Their point to sell was that vaping is supposedly 95% safer than cigarettes.
    Only time will tell.
  • DavidAusTX February 03, 2020 | 2:19
    Yes Sir - Austin, TX neighbor!

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