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I switched from smoking to vaping.

Posted in Staying quit 10 Dec 2019

I started smoking at 14 and after 25 years smoking my lungs were wrecked. I tried cold turkey, gums, sprays, patches, even hypnosis.

Nothing worked for longer than a couple of weeks.

The patched gave me a horrible rash and the gums made me feel like I was going to throw up. I have no idea what was in the sprays but it burnt.

5 years ago I found out about vaping.

In the space of a week I just swapped over from the cigs to a nice coffee flavour and have gone from 16mg to 3mg (and sometimes 0mg liquids).

There was no withdrawal or agitation. It was a simple switch, and I've been smoke free ever since.

I love the flavours and the smells. I can only imagine how awful i reeked as a smoker but now I smell like strawberries and cream.

My lungs have cleared up as much as they are going to (25 years of damage from cigarettes cant be fixed) and I feel fantastic.

... and that is my story.

I am not a smoker and I will never go back to them.

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  • Rikki December 10, 2019 | 16:00
    Happiness I followed a link on Facebook and then I shared it in a group that has allot of people who quit smoking using vapourisers. Maybe it's going viral? I'm not understanding why you are not happy about that?
  • Happiness December 10, 2019 | 13:42
    Hi Gavin. Welcome and congratulations on quitting smoking.

    Nicotine withdrawal is only 20% of the quit smoking process, and the easiest part. The hardest part is the acceptance of not inhaling anything. (except air of course). Here on iCanQuit we encourage each other in their determination to do this. That is why you had no withdrawals, you have been satisfying the nicotine monster on some level and have not made any changes in your life except by the method the nicotine is delivered.

    As there are 3 new posts within minutes of each other supporting vaping, and you all seem to have been doing it for some time and are happy with it then i will ask again. WHY ARE YOU HERE?

    We do feel almost immediate benefit by quitting smoking in that our blood pressure lowere, or lungs can function better, and yes they do improve after quitting smoking. Our bodies function much better as they were meant to do before we inhaled poisons for years.

    Every one is entitled to an opinion of course. But I would still love to have my question answered. What brought you all here?

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