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Posted in Getting started 10 Dec 2019

After reading Allen Carr's Easyway to Quit Smoking, as soon as I read that last chapter, put out the final cigarette - I haven't had one since. This book made me realize many things. WHY am I smoking? WHY am I letting myself be in simple terms, addicted to a drug that is destroying my health and my bank account at 22 years old. It made me see that substitutes like the gum or patches aren't going to get the need my body had for nicotine out of my system, it will keep it there and I am going to smoke again. It made me see that I don't relax when I have a smoke when I am stressed or anxious. Smoking in my head, is no longer worth it and is no longer needed. The only hurdle I have is waiting for my body to rid the need of nicotine and stop thinking that it NEEDS it. For anyone struggling to quit, PLEASE read Allen Carrs book. It WILL help you or instantly make you quit. I read the book in 4 hours on Sunday, it is now Tuesday and I still haven't had a cigarette. It IS that easy.

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  • TryingTK December 10, 2019 | 12:18
    That's fantastic to hear! I'm in the fourth day myself. The book certainly helps create a positive head space. On previous quit attempts, I've never really noticed any positive changes, because I've been too focused on missing the cigarettes. However, this time, approaching it positively, I can see so much more. When I take a deep breath, it feels so good it's like drinking an iced cold water. My teeth are whiter, food is tasting better, and my blood pressure is way down. I find that it really helps to focus on these positives!
    Keep up the great work!
  • tjd97, Nepean Blue Mountains December 10, 2019 | 12:47
    I completely agree! When I thought of giving up smoking in the past, I thought just that, that I was giving up something. But as Allen says in his book - you aren't giving up anything! There are only positive gains from leaving the smokes behind. Congrats on your fourth day smoke free!!
  • Happiness December 10, 2019 | 12:51
    Well I am glad that someone else found quitting smoking as easy as I did. Mindset is everything and Allen Carr knows how to tell it all in simple terms. Congratulations to you tjd97 for being so wise at such a young age. We usually have to go broke or get ill to take quitting seriously. I just started the Money Tree to watch it grow by Christmas and see how much money would have literally been "blown" had we not quit smoking. Keep an eye on it and be shocked. How many houses could you buy in your lifetime?

    Thanks for posting and do visit everyday to keep your quit from straying. Even in months from now, check in on a regular basis. Remember that there is no such thing as one puff . That is why we have the NOPE mantra. Not One Puff Ever! We are here should you need support, and we can always use all the support and encouragement that members are willing to give.
  • tjd97, Nepean Blue Mountains December 10, 2019 | 12:58
    That's great!! Good on you !! I am looking at all the money I will be able to save too. Not smoking will help stop my bills being overdue EVERY month (I live alone). It is empowering to know that at 22 I can really get my s**t together and I am not worrying about Christmas so much any more!

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