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The Money Tree

Posted in Staying quit 10 Dec 2019

I just wondered how much money we could put on the Money Tree by Dec. 25.

I will bet it will blow our minds. I am sure it was put to better use than blowing smoke.

Any money saved while on this site this year counts! I will publish the total collection before the New Year.

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  • Happiness December 13, 2019 | 2:44
    Nice to meet you Gene. Sharon.
    Pisces is smart and protective. I am sorry she got abused for that, as did I. But we will survive and this site means a lot to both of us. And you are here too after all these years. They tainted iCanQuit somehow, or maybe it is just a wake up call to what is ahead and the unknown perils that sinks my heart.
    We who are here can escape the calamity, but oh... the young...who like us will get sucked into the vortex.
    I guess we will all have to work harder to teach the mindset. If not used here and today then in the future. Make Allen Carr proud.....he thought he could make a smokeless world. Our new goal may be to make it a nicotine -free one.
  • Red-67 December 12, 2019 | 9:31
    Sorry, I'm late. I just saw this.
    Unfortunately, and thankfully, I can only add about, $700 us, for this year.
    I was still able to smoke, for less than $2us a pack of 20. Because of some crazy tax structure. What I was smoking, was, technically, a cigar, and the taxing rate is much lower for cigars. ? ? ? ? Don't ask :) In reality, a pack of filter, cigarettes, but wrapped in tobacco instead of paper. Crazy. I guess one could argue, slightly less harmful, because you were not inhaling wood smoke, in the form of paper.. HA ! So, my total, for 3 years is only about $ 2000 us. I have made a point of doing something, just for me, with the money. My latest hobby, is FPV drone flying. I'm not very good, and I currently have 2 drones lost, possibly forever, but it is still much cheaper, and more fun than smoking..
    I did get your comment, and yes, there was some totally unnecessary, attitude toward a simple question. Is there a plan to eliminate the nicotine too ? Just the one, that had used it to quit smoking, and also put down the vape too, got caught up in the fire fight, and he is the only one I felt sorry for at all.. Also, Pisces, did start the fire, with some short, rather rude, first responses. Not that I am saying she deserved the ensuing, crap slinging.
    So far, Rikki, is the only one that responded to my simple point about the definition of Vaping being part of the problem, in my opinion. More useless spouting the wonders of vaping, and more weighted statistics, assuming the level of my ignorance. I assume you read it. :)
    The E-cig, came about, some years ago, as an aid, or alternative to smoking. But, the VAPING craze, and the hardware they use, has become a monster of it's own. Like too many fads these days that come, and do not go away. My pet peeves, are excessive ink, body piercing, backward caps, and the excessive use of the F-bomb these days. :) Am I just too old fashioned ? Maybe so, but I was taught, self discipline, by means of discipline, in the form of a switch, or belt, on the bottom, when needed.. And, we were taught the value of respect, and simple courtesy. Too many people today seem to have none.. :(
    I just try to take the punches, and roll with a smile. Hope you have a great holiday season :)
  • Nuts December 10, 2019 | 18:53
    Oops I meant $7843 lol
  • Nuts December 10, 2019 | 18:51
    338 days quit $7,348 saved. Yippee 👍
  • PV December 10, 2019 | 10:19
    For me...
    187 days
    $5421 saved
  • Happiness December 10, 2019 | 7:59
    $1683 51 weeks X 33 Smokes are much cheaper in Canada, especially if bought on the reservation. I cannot imagine some of the tallies to come.

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