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Time to quit

Posted in Reasons to quit 06 Dec 2019

I was smoking two packs a day. Sometimes a pack in an hour. It was just time to quit.

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  • Red-67 December 06, 2019 | 10:06
    Hi. Don't feel bad, this repeat thing catches many people. :)
    And, yes, now is always the best time to quit. Tell us how you are doing it. What's the plan ? There is no wrong way. The best way, is whatever works for you, and keeps you on track to freedom from smoking. Make yourself see, that you have been a slave to a little tube of tobacco, and set yourself free. Make a smoke something you do NOT WANT, not something you can't have. It does make a great difference in your stress level.
  • Happiness December 06, 2019 | 10:14
    Hi BambiA. Thanks for writing and supporting our forum. We know that every quit is different and we have our mutual reasons and personal reasons for quitting and for hanging on to the illusion that smoking provided. While I think you intend to demonstrate that long time heavy smokers would find it harder to quit and if you could anyone can that is not necessarily true. (in my opinion) With each cigarette we smoked we hated ourselves for giving in feeling helpless, until years later and looking at the reality of mortality , we finally find cause to muster the strength to face our fear. On the opposite side of the coin, younger ones feel invincible, and don't feel the effects of long term smoking as we did. They have not yet reach a pack a day. I am most impressed with the younger ones who have come to this site for they are much wiser and courageous than we were at their age. Remember too that the addiction to nicotine is only a fifth of the journey. Breaking the habit, and a habit is formed in 21 days, so i've read, is 80% of the journey. Not just changing our physical routines, but changing how we perceive smoking in our minds. Upon realize the truth about nicotine, we can then change how we feel about smoking.

    Kudo to all who face the truth, the fears and find in in themselves to take this journey. I am sure you are inspiration to young and old alike Bambia. Continued success on your journey.
  • blackboy211 December 10, 2019 | 10:54
    wow a pack an hour that's some serious chain smoking. Yeah I think you needed to quit.

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