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Posted in Getting started 05 Dec 2019

Today is Day 1. I'm scared. Put the patch on. Wanted to have a cigarette a couple of times but not physically wanting it's just getting out of old habits and triggers that I have to change. I'm glad I read some stories

One day at a time. One patch at a time. I'm going to get some lozenges or gum too. Almost 50 years of smoking. I don't smoke many. Less than 10 per day but EVERY day without fail. I'm sick of feeling like a.low life. Sick of sneaking around and hiding.

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  • Red-67 December 05, 2019 | 10:24
    Welcome :)
    Well, mostly, feel sick of being a slave to a little tube of tobacco, and what it cost you. I don't think they recommend mixing lozenges and gum with the patch. That is just way too much nicotine, and will only help hold you dependent for longer. Just my thoughts, but plain gum, or mints, will really do the same thing. They are really just a placebo, because it takes minutes for the nicotine to hit you, unlike the seconds it took for smoke. You can munch on celery, as much as you want, and not gain weight. Good for you, gives you something to hold, and chew, and burns more calories than is in it. Win Win :) If you let yourself really see, just how stupid smoking is, and make that smoke something you don't want, instead of something you can't have, it can be fairly easy. I was a stupid smoker for 45+ years, cut down over a couple weeks, and then went cold turkey. Sure, a few miserable weeks of withdrawal, but I did not make that cravings, or wanting. By the 4th week, I KNEW I was free, and would never go back. That was near 3 years ago now, and you CAN do it too.. We just have to change the way we think, and let go of the illusion that there ever was anything good about being a smoker. It CAN be as easy as you make it. I hear, that Allen Carr's book, The Easy Way To Quit Smoking, can be a real help, and it's free to download. Think positive, and go for it. You will be glad you did :)
  • Pisces24 , Central Coast December 05, 2019 | 11:59
    Thank you so much. Feeling so down.
  • Robn December 05, 2019 | 14:36
    Hi, ask yourself why you are feeling down. You want to quit and you are starting the first happy about it. Feel good that you are making this fantastic change to your life. Nothing to feel down about...feel proud and elated that you are on your way to better health, more money and higher self esteem than you have had in the past. Listen to Reds advice....he is very wise and right. X
  • Happiness December 05, 2019 | 16:19
    Hubby looked at me and asked "What are you smiling about?". " I quit smoking" i answered quit proud of myself. Now we are both over a year quit and couldn't be happier about our decision. After the first three or four days of getting the nicotine out of the system, the rest was easy for both of us. If I had any cravings, I was not aware of it. I spend much time on another quit site so of course I thought about smoking, but never wanted one. I think it only reinforced my belief that i could do it after thinking for decades that i couldn't. In all honesty , I had given up hope of being a non smoker and started looking for other ways to benefit my health and enjoy a few more years. You may want to read my first post. Another post gives the link to the Allen Carr book that is highly recommended reading for anyone at any stage of the quit. It is absolutely free........what are you waiting for?

    Knowledge really is power. It really can be easy to quit. It is up to you....simply make up your mind.
  • Happiness December 05, 2019 | 16:52
    You're doing great Pisces but do be careful with or even reconsider the use of other aids in addition to the patch. In total it would probably be more than your 10 a day. Seems like the wrong direction to me. If you had been a two pack a day i might see the sense in it while you cut back nicotine intake drastically. I quit cold turkey, but to each their own, but in the end you have to get off of nicotine. A craving is a craving , just thoughts, whether caused by nicotine or the absence of smoking which leaves a void.... who can tell the difference? A question i can't answer because i didn't have the psychological cravings.

    The ticket to freedom is believing in yourself.
  • Pisces24 , Central Coast December 05, 2019 | 19:25
    I won't get the se e MS touch. Thanks for the advice.
    I'm being down. Can't stop crying. I guess thinkng about why you started and why you haven't stopped is stirring up a lot of stuff for me. I'm feeling like a low life. Weak and pathetic. Guess I feel sorry for cigarette though. Almost got through a day.
  • Pisces24 , Central Coast December 05, 2019 | 19:27
    Seems too much
  • Robn December 05, 2019 | 20:02
    Hey Pisces, it isn’t too much....if you find it hard to think of a day without smoking....try an hour ata time. If you can do one can do another hour. Break it down to what you can manage. You are scared of the change in your life without the ciggies and I get that. But you know what...I smoked for 48 years and the only change in my life since quitting over a year ago damn good life is now. Most of the smoking thing is any bad need to change how you feel about it. Learn to hate the smokes for all that they have taken from you...the more you truly hate them...the less you will want them, sounds works. Every time I wanted a smoke I asked myself why??
    What will it do for me...once you have smoked a cigarette has anything in life improved for you, did you really get enjoyment from having it...the true answer is NO. They give you nothing and take everything. Embrace your quit, be happy to be quitting and reward yourself as often as you can for doing a good job at quitting. Come on...if we can x
  • Happiness December 06, 2019 | 2:48
    Have you read the Allan Carr book that I posted a link to? click on my Name right here and find the story by the title. If anyone can help you, he can. Please please read it. You are not a loser because you became a smoker and the book will explain why we smoked , how it sucked us in to its trap and kept us there pacified for all these years. We are victims, not losers.
    Allan Carr understands your fear, the fear of even reading his book might quit smoking! But Fear is a player on Nicotine's side. Be on our team, the winner team. We know how to tackle the problems and bring this addiction/habit to defeat. Read his book.

    You are not a loser. You have already made a great decision to quit smoking , another to set the quit date and the balls to follow through. You may stumble and fall but you get up and keep playing for the team. Keep taking shots on goal and you will score. The crowd roars with excitement with your success. We want you on our team because we know you can do it!

    Read the play book.
  • Pisces24 , Central Coast December 06, 2019 | 6:26
    Thank you all for your help and support t. I CAN QUIT!
    Today is Day 2 so I am pleased with myself to have got this far.
  • Happiness December 06, 2019 | 17:01
    whoo hoo, now you've got the right idea. You really can do this. Believe it.
  • Robn December 06, 2019 | 21:05
    Hi Pisces, Awesome if you can do two days you can do three. Don’t look too far ahead, one day at a only ever have to get through today. Tell yourself that every morning before you get out of bed. When you post on here next it will be three days and you will start to feel really good about yourself and so you should. Stay strong and focused and reward yourself often....cause you can with all that money you now have x
  • Pisces24 , Central Coast December 07, 2019 | 10:00
    Hi Robyn.
    Thanks for your support again. Checking the $ saved is a great idea as you feel a tangible outcome. I'm glad you are there for me

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