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Day 36 feeling alot better

Posted in Staying quit 05 Dec 2019

Hello , Im almost at 5 weeks, of not smoking a cigarette and 96 hours of no nicotine gum. I feel ok. Not much energy , not really feeling like doing anything, moody and very pensive but not as anxious today . I've lost 14lbs as the change, worry and not really wanting to "stuff" myself as that is when I have the worst craving. I spoke to a hypnotist yesterday. She said I took u smoking as a coping mechanism for stress. I agreed. I smoked when I had a bad break up, lost a job , mom died. Sons or wife upset me. ect..She feel I should go thru treatment and see if we can find some resolution so i can move . She said although i do have withdrawals alot might be psychological... This is really turning out to be harder then I thought... Any thoughts on this ?

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast December 05, 2019 | 8:42
    Hello again Keep going, its great that you are at the 5 week mark. It seems as if you have given the anxious feelings the flick which is a positive thing in your favour. You need to eat right, even though you might not be bothered, you can try different snacks, cheese and bickies, grapes or other fruit, maybe some milk chocolate drink, or an energy bar.

    She is right when she says its psychological, we have all had to deal with this, and it does pinpoint certain things in our life which we put a bandaid on before by smoking. I found I had to do some heavy thinking, because No I. had to live in a world which isn't perfect, and No 2. I had to deal with things I didn't want to deal with before including my petulant self. You can help yourself by keep a diary of sorts and going back over this, which should reveal a pattern you have adopted plus you can relearn how to be a happier person within yourself (warts and all) by accepting some parts of yourself that you dislike, It is not however an excuse to start smoking again (a form of self pity)

    At this stage, you need to put the burden on that Nicotine Monster, who is wanting attention over and above what you have set out to do. It will keep on doing this in many ways, but the trick is to read as much as possible about the harmful drugs that you fed this monster and another trick is to really start believing in yourself once again. You can do this with a load of misery on your back or with a big smile on your face, I know which one I would choose.

    Here is a video which you might find insightful, it helped me enormously......How to grow to be a happy non-smoker presented by NASIA DAVOS from TEDxUniversityofPireus. Another positive guide is the.....Easy way to stop smoking by Alan Carr. Keep on going You can do it!
  • Happiness December 05, 2019 | 9:03
    lol... we don't need to be doctors to know that yesterday (Day 3 of no nicotine) that you would definitely be having withdrawals and that for some time to come their would be an adjustment time. This is the psychological aspect of accepting the change instead of fighting it or start an in your head debate. Let there be no debate and the cravings will leave. Bottom line is that you will not crave what you do not desire. Read and learn about nicotine and understand all the lies that we have been sold and how we even lied to ourselves. Nicoltine does absolutely NOTHING FOR YOU EXCEPT CAUSE MUCH OF THE STRESS.
  • Happiness December 05, 2019 | 9:16
    I hit post accidentally there......

    The only reason smoking feels good is because it alleviates the craving that it itself instills.
    End the never ending cycle and be free.

    You don't need expensive councilling in my opinion. We, the people who have been through it and understand how nicotine affected us have stories to help you understand yourself. Read Allan Carr by clicking on my name and start reading....... Watch that Nadia Davos presentation that Softly found so helpful.

    I would ask the hypnotist to have me feel wonderful every time I saw a smoker or thought of smoking. And why wouldn't you. You are free of the monkey on your back dictating your life and sucking the life out of you. ummmmmm maybe you don't need a doctor, you just need the truth!

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