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Still a Non Smoker

Posted in Staying quit 27 Nov 2019

I haven't posted since my 3 week mark and now I'm around 790 days since my official quit date.

I used a product that unfortunately is no longer available but I have to say it was just a catalyst to quitting that I was done with after week 3. From then on staying smoke free was about being able to breath clearly in the morning. Kiss my wife without chewing gum first. Not smelling like an ashtray and feeling like a healthier 53 year old with 3 young kids to keep up with.

I'm now 55, my blood pressure has dropped and I'm less likely to suffer a heart attack than I was as a smoker. Yeah I've gained a few kilos but if rather be alive a tad chunky than skinny and dead or dying!

My first gift to myself was a new workshop tool box. Then a 4x4 and now every month we add to the off road goodies. All from the $150 a week I DON'T spend on smokes.

Remember, you weren't born a smoker. You don't have to live and die as one. Ask yourself these things; When did you decide to become a smoker? Did you almost always reach for a drink or coffee after a smoke? Was that to get the taste out of your mouth?

Keep enjoying your life as you were meant to... without smokes..

Much love..

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