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Posted in Quit experiences 18 Nov 2019

It just bought some NRT therapy.

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  • Happiness November 18, 2019 | 15:14
    Your new found knowledge of nicotine and the process of becoming a non-smoker has gotten to you. You are ready this time around and will be better prepared to handle the cravings with techniques and diversion. You are determined enough to come back and try again, and there is no reason why with a genuine commitment to this goal that you cannot succeed just as many many others have. Positive attitude really does help, so get into the frame of mind that this will be the best thing that you do for yourself because it really is!!!

    Remember that cravings are just thoughts or sometimes unconscious reactions to an old habit. Dismiss them and go on with your day. Do not allow them to taunt you into a debate. You have already chosen to be a non-smoker and so you do not smoke. You have given up nothing but gaining everything. The truth has been seen and you are done being a slave to its relentless demands and expense. You have chosen to better your life as well as your loved ones. You choose to be proud and free.
  • Willem, Northern Sydney November 19, 2019 | 8:59
    Hey Myf,

    If you go to your doctor you might be able to get some subsidised NRT. You can't get a prescription for two at once (patch and inhaler) but it can help a bit.

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