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Savings vs side effects

Posted in Staying quit 12 Nov 2019

I have been a smoker for 53 years and have decided again to stop smoking. I am motivated by what I can spend the money on.

I had nausea and nightmares on champix eight years ago but I did quit. But started again after four months. So now I am taking champix again. I have stopped smoking but still feel like one quite often. I think this is the habit more then the nicatine.

I'm on day 42 and have so many side effects it is quite unbearable. Nausea, really bad tummy, no energy, ringing in ears, constipation for first four weeks, I fall asleep a lot. Tried taking tablet with food, with a full glass of water, waiting for food to settle then taking tablet, drinking glass of milk(yuk) to line stomach. The list goes on. I never know what to eat or drink anymore. Even water tastes bad. I dread taking the pill because of the above effects but I have found that lying down can help sometimes. I am eating chocolate by the block so I am obviously gaining weight. I have found that having a lemonade iceblock helps to settle my stomach. So my freezer is stocked. The side effects are tough and I do consider at times to stop taking the pill but I am putting up with the side effects till the end.

BECAUSE. I think of the $120.00 that is deposited every week into my stop smoking account💸. This is money I would spend on tobacco, cig papers and beer. Champix has also stopped me from drinking a stubbie each night.

It is difficult but if you really want to stop then side effects may be something you have to suffer for twelve weeks. I am halfway through and am trying really hard to deal with the discomfort. If I can do it after smoking for so long then you can do it.

Good luck

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  • Happiness November 12, 2019 | 13:53
    Kudos to you for not giving in despite the uncomfortable side effects. You are right in that it is no longer the nicotine craving that you are having as you have no nicotine left in your system. The remaining 80% of the journey is the psychological acceptance of being a non-smoker. Stay and read all the posts in the months , even years to come to understand you and your relationship to smoking. Stay free by reinforcing your beliefs rather than slipping again after four months.

    The money saved seems to be our motivation, but you will be pleasantly surprised at many for benefits that will be bestowed upon you .

    I know others cut there dosage and still quit successfully. Perhaps they can give you suggestions.

    Do cut back on the chocolate, as all that caffeine is not negated as it was with nicotine in our systems. Try to eat healthy choices , but a few pounds gained is far less detrimental to your health than to continue to smoke.

    You are doing great and I hope you find some comfort soon.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast November 14, 2019 | 7:22
    I managed on Champix using half the dose, because of side effects, I concentrated mostly on Mantras (self talk) notes to myself every day on the phone, staying close to this forum, and joining in when you feel the need. Well done on 42 days Keep going
  • Robn November 15, 2019 | 11:16
    Well done on 42 days...that is fantastic. Ginger is very good for settling nausea...try drinking ginger ale. You could also try patches now and give up the champix. What ever works for you and keeps you off the smokes. Don’t worry too much about the weight gain at this stage but try to limit your intake of sweet treats. If your mindset is right you will not crave don’t smoke anymore, you hate them and never want to smoke again. You will not crave what you truly do not want. It takes a little bit of practice to get the mindset planted but once it are going to do this easily.
    Read Allen Carr’s book “Easyway to stop smoking”......I did and it changed my thinking on smoking completely.
    Stay strong and day at a time x
  • RoslynM November 16, 2019 | 21:09
    Thank you Robin. I've had a good couple of days., then really bad where I vomited and now good again.
    I'm now not taking tablet with my meals. In the morning I have little to eat and wait 30 minutes to an hour then I take it and at night time it can be a couple of hours after dinner. This seems to have stopped the nausea so that has been good but I do get bad tummy discomfort. Anyway alls good except I worked out what was causing the sour horrible taste in mouth. It is my all time favourite supermarket purchase... CHOCOLATE!! Such a disappointment!!
    I'm staying on champix. Unlike everybody else I don't really want to stop smoking. I'm only doing it for the money. So as long as the money transfers every Monday into my non smoking account I'm happy. to see it build up. I know I should be thinking of my health etc but I don't. I do accept that after 53 years of smoking I could have the dreaded c in my body waiting for the right moment to show up. I do believe that stopping now is not going to change anything. I wish I wanted to give up smoking for reasons other then money but that's just the way it is. Anyway I won't be buying them again. I still have 5 & 1/2weeks and maybe do further 12 weeks t of champix and I don't ever want to take them again. Way to many side effects. I am 65 yrs old and as well as the previously mentioned side effects I am now experiencing an itchy forehead and neck and can't decide whether I have acne or a rash
    I mean really, at my age Acne!! At least I can laugh about it.
    Thank you for the tip about ginger ale. I've been drinking soda water but the ice blocks really do help.

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