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I realized a really good reason to quit

Posted in Reasons to quit 09 Nov 2019

I believe a really good reason to quit now is that there are just so many open possibilities to explore once you do.

First of all, you save money. You can spend it on whatever you actually want or need. It is a good experience having so much money in the bank when you really need something.

Second of all, the cravings dissipate so there isn't that much more you have to put up with. If you use NRT, there might be some lingering affection for some nicotine gum if you used that.

Third of all, it has an impact on what you feel like you want your health to be great. So it is motivation.

And last of all, for me, I wanted to focus on my family. I could see after I quit the effects it had on my family and I couldn't believe I was that selfish. I was very undeserving of some of their understanding when they helped me deal with this.

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  • Happiness November 10, 2019 | 1:38
    It sounds like you have taken great strides in resolving other issues in your life too r.m.d. I think we also gained even more confidence in our selves to meet other goals in our lives as well. We were persistent and motivated to quit smoking, probably not for the first time in our lives and yet we succeeded this time. We can do what we put our minds to. Learn the mindset and apply it to other areas in life.
    I am proud of your accomplishment r.m.d. I am so happy that you seemed to have found yourself . Stay positive. Stay free!
  • Safe2017 November 09, 2019 | 15:57
    Right on. All valid points.

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