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Hunter New England

I dont smoke

Posted in Getting started 07 Nov 2019

im on day 5 and am starting to feel like my chest and head are clearer. My work is very hard on the body but Im no longer reaching for my ventolin. The normal triggers are there but I just say I dont smoke. I have my patch and im doing the herbal cigs down to 4 a day from 30. I dont like them but they kill the hand to mouth action. My home smells better and my food now is starting to have a taste to it. I feel relaxed while im on my own but a tad agitated and jittery when around hubby and my staff. I dont know if this is normal for this stage? Thankyou for this page...... Vicki ps I dont smoke

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  • Happiness November 07, 2019 | 10:34
    Isn't it great to reap the benefits of quitting smoking so quickly. You can trust us when we tell you things to try and make your journey easier. Keep on reading and understand how nicotine hijacked your brain and also now understand that we can undo what it did. Realize that nicotine did nothing for you except keep you smoking the relieve the cravings. Cravings, however undesirable and problematic, are really just thoughts, or urges or desires. The secret is to desire being a happy non=smoker more than the desire to be a smoker.

    You are doing great dstfry123. You are doing it your own way, but do take baby steps and break that hand to mouth habit as soon as possible. (when you are ready). I fear that you will crave more with reminders by the action.

    Think positive. You've got this!
  • dstfry123, Hunter New England November 07, 2019 | 15:04
    Thankyou. I will eventually stop the herbals as i hate them and the need for the action is fading away cause im putting off having one, because i hate them. lol does that make sense? I can understand the fear, but I dont smoke and I will never smoke again. I have promised myself to live longer for my children and my grand babies, my health is 100% compared to this time last week. This time last week I coughed all day, everyday and couldnt breathe. I was starting to convince myself its ok to die now when i realised it was the addiction telling me that. Im stronger than this. Im not going nowhere. Im not leaving my daughters and my grand kids. I am all they have left. {their dad died at age 32} so this is it, I dont smoke
  • dstfry123, Hunter New England January 11, 2020 | 21:19
    No herbals now for a month. Started to make me feel sick

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