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Posted in Quit experiences 05 Nov 2019

I am 59 days quit today. Every single blood test and scan is normal. I am grateful beyond belief and realise that smoking can cause many medical conditions to crop up not just cancer. I was lucky my “cure” was to quit. Keep going everyone. We all know in our heart of hearts it’s killing us. Be strong. We’re not losing anything and we are gaining everything 😁👍

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  • Happiness November 06, 2019 | 1:42

    Great Going Ginger!
    Go Girl!
    I know the relief that you must feel with good test results. We know that we have played Russian roulette long enough. Our bodies are forgiving and can repair some of the damage that smoking has caused. It is nice to enjoy the benefits of warm hands and feet, smelling nice, looking younger and breathing so much easier. Life is great as a non-smoker. We only thought we wouldn't like it, only because we never dared think that we could be free of smoking. There really is or was no upset to was an illusion supported by our need. Once we realize that smoking a cigarette only felt great was because it ended the crave that it in itself was the cause of. Simply break the cycle and be free.

    May your desire to be free be greater than your desire to smoke ever again . Just one puff can set you back and it is not worth it. NOPE!

  • Nuts November 07, 2019 | 18:22
    Hi Ginger. Well done on 2 months smoke free. I am so glad that your tests and scans were normal. When we were still smokers, we told ourselves ' I dont want to quit. I enjoy smoking' while deep down we were worried about cancer, heart attacks and other smoke related problems. Not to mention the drain on our bank accounts. By quitting, we dont have to worry any more. We have set ourselves free. Be very proud of yourself. You are amazing 🤗👍

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