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Posted in Reasons to quit 03 Nov 2019
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Hi I had stop smoking because for my health and money. So been asking my doctor help me but it took him 5years to help me. So three weeks ago he gave me nicotinell lozenges to help me. I started on 4 a day or every 2hours and now three weeks later I have fully stopped smoking I feel very good with myself . Gary

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  • Happiness November 03, 2019 | 15:54
    You have earned the right to be proud of yourself Gary. Not only have you made the wise decision to quit smoking, but also joined our forum . I believe that forums can offer you a sense of belonging and understanding of the changes that are to come and how to deal with them. Knowing you are not alone and have our help and support if needed should be comforting.
    It seems that this is something that you wanted for a very long time.
    Read and learn. Adopt the mindset so that you only need to take this journey once. Getting off the nicotine is only a part of the journey. Accepting being a non-smoker makes the rests of the journey so much easier.
    Congratulations Gary. I hope you will post again and support others who come needing reassurance and support.

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