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Posted in Staying quit 02 Nov 2019

i started to quit about may, june this year. i have been a moderate to heavy smoker for over 46 years and i am 59 now. i started to vape and was using flavored nicotine ejuice and and after 2 months i am now vaping just flavored juice and totally enjoying the experiance. if you look at my facebook page you can see a video i have on there that show you the benifits of vaping and how it assist anyone in quitting. this my story and i hope it helps at least one person.

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  • Happiness November 02, 2019 | 16:24
    Yes vaping could be used as an nrt in the process of nixing the nicotine. Vaping is fairly new and long term use is not documented yet. I have read about popcorn lung due to a product in the juices, regardless whether it contains nicotine. Is it safe. Research and decide.
    The nicotine addiction is only 20% of the quit smoking journey. The other 80% is the mindset to accept being a non-smoker, perhaps even a non-nicotine user. You still need to know that just one puff with nicotine will likely promote a backslide.
    Perhaps you will answer my questions with your experience vaping.
    1.) Do you still feel the need to vape instead of smoke at certain times of the day? We let nicotine rule us because of the addiction to it. Will the habit of lighting up anything or inhaling anything come to control you as smoking once did?
    2) Are you breathing better since quitting nicotine? I am sure the reductiion of tar is very beneficial to our lungs but i am concerned of ingredients in e-juices and the possible harm they can also cause.
    3) Do you still miss smoking cigarettes . Is vaping totalling fulfilling or just a compromise?

    As we are not on facebook, perhaps you will take the time to post the video. Thank you for posting and i look forward to your response Peterledbuy.

    We are all adults here and capable of making decisions that we feel are right for us. We do have the choice to be smoke free. What about nicotine free and habit free? Lets look to the future and leave the past behind with nothing to lure us back.........
  • dstfry123, Hunter New England November 05, 2019 | 7:42
    im using Honey Rose herbal cigarettes. Cherry flavour. I used to smoke 30+ a day now i only smoke 4 to 5 herbals. They are not the best but help kick the hand to mouth action

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