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Staying stubborn

Posted in Staying quit 31 Oct 2019
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We isn’t it a fabulous day. I don’t count the days now but I know I haven’t had a smoke for more than 3 months. I will never go back. I’ll be honest I do miss going outside with my work friend and having a puff but I’m sooo proud and pleased with myself I have got this far. It’s great that I don’t have to have a smoke before and after everything as well. Well and the money I have saved has paid for a holiday already so I’m off to Queensland next week with my whole family. Thank you to all that supported me during quiting. I will keep in touch ❤️💋❤️

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness October 31, 2019 | 7:23
    It is a fantastic day when we realize that we don't remember having a craving since....... gee i'd really have to think about it.

    A wonderous moment when we realize that we are done with smoking and that at long last we are free.

    Be proud of yourself Catherine Anne and know that you are now an inspiration to others. Only by seeing others succeed can we hope to achieve our own.

    Join your smoking friend, just as i join the group on our poker game breaks. We gave up smoking, not friendships and other little things that we enjoy. As long as you have achieved the mindset and are not tempted by old triggers....... It gives further proof that you are now in control. Now you get to decide if you want to stand with her in inclement weather. That is surely one of the things that i don't miss at all.

    Enjoy your vacation and new granddaughter, but please remember to read the posts here, even if you don't comment. Commenting would be even better for keeping iCanQuit interesting, but we understand. Wishing you all the best and reach out to the forum if needed.

    Stay positive. Stay strong.

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