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Chris Nelson

How I QUIT and still enjoy Smoking

Posted in Hints and tips 21 Oct 2019

Had been smoking for 50 years apart from a couple of short breaks...Anyone with a similar habit knows how hard it is to quit, besides which I have always considered it as one of the few things I do well.

Smoking consists of basically two things - The Addiction to nicotine and the Habit....Sticking it in your mouth, lighting it, smoking it and sharing with your friends..

Now the addiction is the easy bit, slap on a patch and away you go.....Plenty of nicotine but nothing else exiting....Tried it while still smoking and it didn't really make one iota of difference to the number of smokes I wanted!

What you need Son, is Willpower...Yeah right...C'mon there's got to be a better way !

What I really needed to do was to use the patches and then substitute the smoking of tobacco for the smoking of herbs. A very healthy substitute.

Coltsfoot can make a good base herb and along with Mullien are particularly good for the lungs. (according to the herbalists)Lungwort is good there too and Damiana can add some flavor.

Many herbs that you can make tea with you can use for smoking...Also you can add some types of powdered stuff such as Macca.Although some would be over flavored and are best to add to liquid or use in capsules.Plenty of info if you Google it.

When rolling cigarettes, use regular filters rather than slim ones as the smoko is coarser .A tobacco pipe works well too... And when you start off, you can add some tobacco also.

I tried Vaping at one stage but it did not feel like the real thing besides which the juice might be coming from a back shed in the slums of China rather than an organically grown herb, from Bulgaria in some cases!

Anyhow good luck if you decide to try it...You shouldn't need that much luck....Just suck it and see..So to speak...Do it when you feel like it...Don't worry about setting a date...Dates bring to mind things like dental appointments!

Only problem I got is deciding what to do with all the money I am saving as herbs cost around the tenth of the price of tobacco...:)

The strength of nicotine patch can of course be reduced and the smoking reduced to a comfortable level over quite a short period of time.


"I came into this world with nothing and I still have most of it left"

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  • softly40 , Mid North Coast October 21, 2019 | 7:27
    i must say your way of handling the situation of diverting away from nicotine is unique to say the least, originally I wanted to cut down because of the money, and I didn't have the weed in my mouth enough to loose that much money, but this was in my thoughts most of the time, not my health or not my vacation time etc.

    The thing here is that what we all agree on it is "Our thoughts need to be set free along with NOT SMOKING". This can be done, and the rewards I have found are a lot more rewarding than experimenting with herbs in smoke form, I did experiment with herbs in (food form) which is still an option for anyone, as long as you look up the interactions between Western Medicine and Herbal ingredients, there is more online about interactions with Medical conditions and medicines than ever before.

    I know there is not enough research out there to support alternative therapy, and it is with this in mind that the risk you or anyone takes is solely up to you. Currently there is no conclusive evidence in what alternative therapies can produce LONG TERM.

    So this brings me to the the processes you have discovered. These are a simulation of the cigarette itself which can be used in a way with other props, to support hand to mouth, this is also a diversional tactic.

    We could not control what others thought or said about us when visiting the recreational areas we are used to, but suffice to say this has gone out of favour in the past few years. Our infrastructures are now geared for Non Smoking Everywhere, so this is not so pleasurable than it was before.

    What we are seeking is a pleasurable diversion without harm to ourselves or others, this can be a life long pursuit or a short term involvement within this big beautiful world that is ours. I had decided at that time my money needed to be saved to explore this new found freedom, in my mind to begin with and eventually became reality. Not to mention the health benefits that go along with this.

    Thank you for posting, I do enjoy individual expression, and value the contribution that anyone brings to any forum. I also agree with exploring different avenues, but in this sense I personally would be happy if I worked in a team that valued this research, because what works for you may not work for others. Maybe you can look into this more.
  • Happiness October 21, 2019 | 8:38
    Thanks for your view about substitute smoking Chris. I vetoed the recreational use of smoking weed because I just felt it was too close to the real thing. I want to break that habitual action of hand to mouth, but eating isn't quite the No i have not experimented with ingesting weed either.

    While vaping has been suggested, I think that many agree it has not proven itself safe.

    Smoking herbs on a regular basis for a prolonged period of time is questionable , and I would need to do a lot more research especially if i was on medications or had health issues.

    By your title i am presuming that you are still smoking the herbs. I am also wondering if you are also still on the nicotine patch as well. If not, how long were you on the patch and how did you go about stepping off of it?

    Even the tiniest bit of nicotine to add to your pipe can be a set back for most, so certainly not adviseable for those who have already made great strides in the quitting process.

    There is nothing worse than smoking cigarettes, so any measures taken to cut down or find alternatives would surely be deemed an improvement. Kudos to you for finding something that you believe in and are comfortable with. Knowledge is power, so you are responsible for your own choices. I do hope it will be a temporary measure and that you will stay and learn the mindset so that one day you too may decide that you really do want to be free.
  • Happiness October 21, 2019 | 13:22
    so I am not perfect.... hyubby want s to oreer pazza. so nice... right? They want to to charge a $1l to charge
  • Happiness October 21, 2019 | 14:54
    lol. yep. what do you do when someone wants to please you ...but at the same time it goes against all that you stand for? i couldn't believe my ears when he told me that Pizza Pizza would charge an extra dollar for paying on debit rather than charging it. I am sorry but something is wrong where cash is punished and credit is rewarded....... I have been raised to believe that we take responsibility and be justly rewarded....... should i be taken out and shot?
  • DAB57 October 22, 2019 | 15:37
    I am sorry Chris Nelson but i have to disagree with you and while i might get push back for it, I need to say that what you are doing is still damaging your lungs at the end of the day. The lungs are not designed to withstand any inhaled substances. I feel that it is a bad promotion for people who are struggling to quit smoking.
  • Chris Nelson October 23, 2019 | 3:58
    @ Happiness
    Drawn and quartered most likely...I didn't know you could use cash....Just the app with the product code the promo code and the redemption code. And then of course you must Click and Collect.
    I'm sure things were much more enjoyable in the old days with just good core products and entertaining jingles..
  • Chris Nelson October 29, 2019 | 13:51
    With herbal smoking it is much easier to reduce and taper off what you smoke as there is not the nicotine hit that you get from tobacco..

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