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I always said I wasn't gone keep count

Posted in Staying quit 19 Oct 2019

Hi everyone just checking in I'm still on my journey it's hard not to keep count 1/11/19 I remember the last day I smoked a cigarette was before I had two teeth pulled on 1/11 they kept making a point to make sure to advise me not to smoke to avoid getting a dry socket and I just was so overwhelmed by the control anxiety it had over me I was more worried about not being able to smoke then I was the pain of the procedure but what I didn't know was that the place I resent the dentist 😡 actually was my blessings it stood up to and gave me a ultimatum quit or make things worse I left there and I said I'm done cold turkey and it wasn't easy but I got through and I said all that to tell you guys I had a root canal and another extraction two days ago my life and I thought it was gone be a breeze no mental control no danger of dry socket and guess who ends up with a dry socket anyway how could this be no smoking no drinking from a straw but I guess this was to show even when you think you have it still be cautious but I'm a little better now thankful grateful human and feeling blessed

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  • Happiness October 20, 2019 | 1:49
    Life does throw us the unexpected curve ball. Still you kept a great attitude Tyg. Quitting smoking was not the cause and it may have been even worse had you still been subjecting yourself to those toxins which cause inflammation.
    We should all feel so grateful and blessed to have taken this journey and experienced the new hope and joy it brought into our lives. Keep the chin up, the faith alive and positive thinking will see you through.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast October 20, 2019 | 6:36
    Just goes to show Tyg! .....It shows you have control over not smoking. Perhaps some things in life you are not in control of though, even breathing through your mouth while sleeping; this does not attribute to your determination not to smoke. You have passed that hurdle, Well done. Come back again for any reason.

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