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Quit to make sure I was healthy for the future.

Posted in Reasons to quit 12 Oct 2019

As I am 27, I decided to quit because of my health and fitness. I'm not quite as mentally sound as I could be -- trust me, I remember not smoking and there is a difference in actions. (And yeah there is a difference now and again). In the time I smoked, my actions never really had a valid reason to happen. Maybe I have a disorder, but that calmed down and now I feel so much better.

Pertaining to health and fitness, it is like I wanted to really be able to pull out a really long life. Smokers obviously have a higher risk of dying earlier in their life. I focus on this a lot. Most of the time I felt like I might cough up a lung -- this was during winter. It was hazardous.

My future is going to be much brighter because this is the final time I will do this. No more turning back to cigarettes. No more. What was with me? How could I do this? I thought I was stronger than that. Stronger than peer pressure because I could see the future and imagined so many things that didn't and just probably can't come true now. I focus on my health now. I really will for the rest of my life. It comes out that it must happen like that.

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