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I have quit with Champix

Posted in Getting started 12 Oct 2019

Hi Everyone,

10 days ago I started on Champix to quit smoking. I have tried Champix in the past with no luck due to nausea but after failed attempts of cutting down, cold turkey and NRT over the past few months I’d had enough and took my first tablet 10 days ago.

This time on Champix I’ve made sure I have something to eat before having my morning and evening tablet and the nausea is almost nonexistent which is incredible. The only complaint I have is my mood swings, happy then super angry so I’m taking vitamin b at the moment to help with regulating my mood.

I officially quit smoking last night at 10:10pm and I honestly thought by now I’d be tearing my hair out but I’m feeling really quite calm and controlled.

This morning I got up had my tablet, went and did the groceries and now I’m just sitting on the lounge after having lunch and I haven’t had a single craving, nothing to make me feel like I’m withdrawing.. and I’ve even been in triggering situations and not a thing :)

To say I’m happy is an understatement but I am also so proud and for the first time actually have faith that i will not go back to that lifestyle :)

Wishing you all the best of luck and I’ll post weekly to update

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  • Happiness October 12, 2019 | 12:52
    I am so happy that you finally found something that worked. I see that you joined today and wonder if this is your first time using a quit group. I know that reading the stories encouraged the belief in myself that i too could be a non=smoker. I think many of us also feel more accountable, and less alone in our endeavour. Good for you for not giving up. Now just remember the NOPE mantra. Read and learn for knowledge is power and a key to set you free. The journey is much easier when it is something that you truly desire and not a should or must do assignment entered with resentment. I never craved it after the nicotine was out of my system (72 hrs) which is about 20% of the battle, the other part really is 80% psychological and won in your mind. Retrain your mind to want to be a non-smoker and never want a smoke rather than having a debate going on in your head. You have made your decision, dismiss the thought immediately. (that is really all a craving is) The Champix will take away the pleasure that smoking triggered. We can increase our dopamine with things that pleasure us like music, lavender, love, chocolate and doing things we enjoy. Don't forget to reward yourself with little things along the way in your journey, and perhaps a big reward for the long term.

    Again, great strides and I do believe you can get through without cravings. Embrace the journey for the wonderful things it will bring. Think positive.
  • Brooklyn1990, Southern NSW October 12, 2019 | 13:27
    Thanks Happiness!
    Yes this is my first time using a quit group.
    I’m looking forward to supporting others and getting support when I need it as well :)
    Funny you should mention lavender and rewards, I not long cleaned my house and put some lavender oil in my diffuser which isn’t the fragrance I’d normally run and I had bought myself a face mask to do tonight :)
  • Happiness October 12, 2019 | 16:19
    Thank you for answering my question. It gives me further hope that you will remain quit feeling a part of the team. Learning also raises our dopamine which might also account for why I had no cravings, and hence, wanting to help others get through it. My hubby and daughter also had few cravings, and none persistent or troublesome. Yes, both had read Allan Carr to which I have posted a link if you should want to read his free on line e-book. I recommend for everyone to read it, as well as continuing to check in with this forum even after long time success. You participation would also be appreciated.

    A face mask sounds wonderful. I treated myself to some very good skin cream. Smoking is hard on our skin and leaves wrinkles. Improving ourselves makes us feel good, and feeling good is half the battle. Keep producing dopamine and be happy!

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