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non nic vape sticks?

Posted in Quit experiences 07 Oct 2019

I am considering using Non nicotine vape pen to try to cure my anxiety - has anyone else used these and if so have they helped. I am now 42 days smoke and nicotine free after going cold turkey and dont want to use any nicotine replacement but I am struggling so wondered if these may help? Anyone got any ideas?

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  • Lia October 07, 2019 | 21:58
    Hi Ai-Pads. Am wishing you success on your quest to quit. It is different for everyone. Had you thought about the fact that the longer you put it off and try nicotine replacement therapies, the longer it may take and the more likely you are to try an easy way out. There is none. Will this allow you to succeed?Nothing like dealing with the angst of cold turkey. Hope you can tell me I am wrong. This comes from someone who smoked for over 45 years and quit cold turkey. Was oh so hard. Had my way of dealing with the nicodemon. Have been smoke free for 4 years and 4 months. Had tried to "wean" myself off cigarettes but had to admit I was kidding myself. Every tome I had some success, I would "reward" myself by lighting up yet again. Think you may know what this road looks like. Just wish there was a magic cure for anyone trying to quit. Wish you well.
  • Happiness October 08, 2019 | 0:34
    Hello Ai-Pads. Congratulations on your 42 days smoke free and continued success. I see that you are new and wonder if you have been reading our stories in the past. Hopefully you will find some things to try to combat your anxiety while you read through some. I know that understanding nicotine and
    realizing that winning this battle was possible was instrumental in getting me to TRY to quit. In a short time, I came to believe that i could and I did! You have too! It seems that doing new things in a different environment on your vacation caused less anxiety than being home with voids to fill.
    Yes, finding a good new habit is suggested to replace the old. I know you have tried some, and you will find something that works. Try planning to do something that you look forward to every day. A visit with someone, a phone call, an activity.

    Almost anything is better than smoking, even vaping no nic. However, at this ppint i am inclined to believe it is the first stepping stone back to whence you came. Perhaps when you feel like chancing another Puff, read this first. Joel's Smokers Vow on Whyquit is to the point.

    Re-read Allan Carr, click on my name here and find the related post with the PDF free reading. Learn about you and nicotine from our stories and through searching on line. Knowledge is power! Think positive and stay calm. Embrace the vision of you as a non-smoker and you will achieve it.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast October 08, 2019 | 9:05
    Try looking at the Video, "How to grow to be a happy non-smoker, on Utube, Presented by NASIA DAVOS TEDxUniversityofPiraeus.

    Short term activities, with Long term thoughts Ali-Pads.

    We all suffer some anxiety in life now and again, it seems you need to de-clutter your life at them moment you can do this by working out "What is making you anxious" List them all and work out one which is the most annoying. Work on this aspect.

    I have no knowledge of Nicotine Vape Pens, and no conclusions have been drawn regarding Vaping by Scientific studies. Anxiety is a clinical concern, if you are suffering on anything you have identified, then I suggest a visit to your doctor would be in order.

    Give thanks every day for one thing that made you smile.

  • Ali-Pads October 08, 2019 | 20:46
    Thanks everyone for your comments. Lia - yes its sooo hard going cold turkey - this is my first and hopefully one time of trying to give up smoking. My only problem is the anxiety and if I can get rid of that then I think I would have cracked it. I am on beta-blockers at the moment. The worst time is at night - if I wake up around 2am - then game over - I cannot go back to sleep and the anxiety feels like it is going to burst out of my chest. I am just looking for something to take away the horrible feeling.

    Happiness - yes I agree that vaping even no nic may be the wrong idea - I just thought it may subdue the angst without resorting to nicotine intake. Thank you for the link I will read it. I have read a lot of stories on this forum and it is extremely helpful. Thank you for your support.

    Softly40 - Unfortunately I have no known reason for the anxiety so I cannot work on reducing it. All I know is that it came on about 3 weeks after I gave up smoking. I am 50 yrs old so it could just be coincident and actually be a menopause sign (who knows??) It seems strange that it came on at the time that I gave up smoking. I have always been an extremely calm person and never experienced this before. As mentioned I have visited the Dr and now on small dose beta-blockers which do help as didnt want to go onto anything that was addictive.

    Thanks for your support everyone and will keep you posted.

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