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Posted in Quit experiences 05 Oct 2019

Phase one complete. You're about to embark upon a great journey. The biggest thing is being's so liberating! It is amazing how quickly your body can heal itself. Breathe.

I encourage you to continue to peruse these stories and other resources on line. You are not alone. Happiness was my mentor. I wanted to quit first but she's the one who stepped off the ledge first. She was able to do this by being smart enough to utilize the web for the resources it provides. Study the habit. Study the addiction. Talk to ex-smokers about their experiences. READ ALLAN CARR....If you are here you are 90% of the way there. . Got questions? Ask the forum. Good luck. May the force be with you. lol. Seriously, you will be so happy you go through with this.

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast October 06, 2019 | 7:42
    Hello Hubby speaks, wonderful to hear the other halfs comments, it is indeed great that you both have given up the noxious poison in your systems, no matter how you achieved this or when you achieved this, the results have shown us all that it can be done with a little bit of help and support.

    It is so much better when you have a partner who believes in you and takes on a different role to clarify the facts and fallacies in the quitting arena, and indeed there are many. This is why it is so important, to find our own strengths and weaknesses in the maintenance and knowledge of ourselves, the chemicals and the more insidious role that companies play in trying to sell us drugs to either pacify or give us a false sense of security for whatever reason.

    Anyone who doesn't have this support in their lives, just makes it that little bit harder and more isolating (this includes myself)

    I have found much support and eventually much more meaning to enable me to continue by coming onto this forum, because once you have worked out ways to overcome the urges that come and go, the support of others helps to carry you through.

    Maybe you might give yourself a pat on the back for posting through a proxy, well done Hubby Speaks
  • Bickie, South Eastern Sydney October 06, 2019 | 20:53
    Thank you for the inspiration.

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