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I want to quit cold turkey

Posted in Getting started 05 Oct 2019

Hi, I've just joined this forum, not even sure if I'm posting in the correct area though '-' today will be my 11th day since I had my last ciggerette. I'm currently using the nicotine quick mist spray. Before I quitting I had turned into a seriously heavy smoker and had been smoking for 18 years altogether and just felt enough was enough. I've attempted to quit many times before by either using the patch, gum or vape (found the vape worse than smoking) an

I've always ended up smoking again when it came to a socialized drink. Anyway I've never quit cold turkey or actually gone without nicotine in 18 years (scary) so I'm wondering if I should just go for it and quit cold turkey tomorrow? I have 1 nicotine spray left and was thinking I'll use that up first or should I just go for it an go without? The thought makes me nervous lol

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  • Happiness October 05, 2019 | 13:24
    Hi jonny and welcome. We like to think that forums like this can make the difference. In fact if you read the fine print, NRT's suggested that you get better results with their products when combined with counselling. That would be us!

    No matter how you choose to quit the main thing is to accept it in your mind. That is why you won't quit until you want to. The good news is that by joining us here and learning about you and nicotine, you come to understand that it is an addiction BUT it can be kicked. Read the many success stories and take the scare out of it. Cravings generally only last a couple of minutes and are mere thoughts. Learn how to distract yourself and get through them easier. Learning the mindset, an understanding that you are not giving up anything, because you WANT to quit and smoking was all lies. We did not choose to smoke, we did not enjoy it, but we felt foolish and then tried to save face by saying we enjoyed it. We came to believe that it really did help us with anxiety and social situations, etc. The truth is that it is the cause of stress, money problems and socially more unacceptable every year. There are wonderful multitude of benefits to change your mind and EMBRACE this journey.

    As one member stated, the Battle is Won In The Mind. Personally I think the Nicotine based NRT's just delay the inevitable step off of nicotine, but if in your mind you Believe it helps then use it. The mind is powerful, and a tool we must control to achieve our freedom from nicotine. Nicotine addiction is only 20% of the battle, 80% is psychological.....accepting being a non-smoker and adjusting habits with good habits to fill the "Void" we feel.

    Read, learn and come to BELIEVE than you can quit. We know you can, now you must.
  • Lia October 05, 2019 | 21:30
    Hi Johnny090190
    Should you go cold turkey? What do you think might happen if you do? So what if you discover it may initially be tough? Do you want to quit? Worst thing may be that because you are not sure that you err... Can't tell you what to do, but if you actually quit, the road will come less bumpy as you ride along on the quit trail. So it gets tough. Laugh it off. Honestly, what is the worst thing that may happen? Besides, if you are not scared, you are not having fun. Get off that merry go round and try the Matterhorn sled ride instead.
  • penelopejane October 10, 2019 | 21:00
    You should quit. You can ring the quit line. You should also keep your General Practitioner in the loop. You can always go back to nicotine replacement later if you are advised to but you don't ever have to smoke again. Congratulations on your decision to quit.
  • Altre October 11, 2019 | 10:59
    Just join , it’s been 72 hours since my last smoke, I was scared at first, but it has got a little easier, I will not smoke with you today😀😀

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