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Seashell virgo

4 weeks no smokes

Posted in Quit experiences 30 Sep 2019

Hi I’d like to say how fabulous it is to not smoke but it’s been nothing but illness since I stopped , I’m away from home staying with family so I had my birthday and told myself I’d not smoke after that ! I didn’t .. got bronchitis,, then my back spasms I’m in agony then my sis and her family are sick , I’m still sick I can barely breathe as I got their virus and the grandchildren are always sick bubs . Omg 4 weeks not smoking but so sick . I’m just waiting for the virus to go and hope I will feel better . I was spending 100$ a fortnight so it’s nice to have that little extra . Here’s to finally breathing again . The headaches are awful and the coughing but it’s everyone has it . I’m in a city so my quiet clean beach town seems far more healthy to be near the ocean . I don’t wanna smoke so being such has helped me in a gross sick way . I’ll hang in there but good lord not feeling any health benefits yet lol 😂

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  • Happiness September 30, 2019 | 23:13
    Hang in there Seashell virgo. It is unfortunate that your loved ones around you are ill, and just passing it back and forth. Things will settle down and you will be so grateful that you didn't cave and start the cycle over. Smoking would not end your pain and suffering, in fact if you hadn't quit when you did, your breathing issues could have been much worse. I know that many of us felt better breathing capabilities after just a few days. You too will have your turn at experiencing the great benefits of quitting smoking, health wise , money wise and great pleasure in knowing you have beat it's curse. I hope you feel better soon and reap all the rewards you deserve for you endeavours.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast October 01, 2019 | 7:18
    Hi Seashell, Its a great thing to be 4 weeks without smoking, you are doing so well, especially since you are laid up with a virus. It may sound mercenary, but this is an ideal time to let them go for ever.

    When you are feeling better, the temptation for that smoke could be ever present, this is when you need to work out your strategies. Start with your breathing exercises from your diaphragm then gradually try out a few simple exercises to strengthen those unused muscles plus other strategies you ave worked out for yourself. Congratulations on 4 weeks

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