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5 days now

Posted in Staying quit 18 Sep 2019

I think that cutting down gradually has helped me stay on track. I had cut down from 20 per day to 6 per day when I quit 5 days ago. No major cravings. I am using my nicoette inhaler 3-4 times day plus my vape ( no nicotine) 3 times per day. I have got this beat now.

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  • Robn September 18, 2019 | 21:09
    That is great Lorry, but stay vigilant. Many times I have thought I had it beat....but was lured back. Remember not one puff ever...nope.
    You are doing great...take it one day at a time. Never think you have it beat...we are like any addict, that can be undone so easily.
    Positive mindset is the key.
  • Happiness September 18, 2019 | 23:34
    Hi Lorry. You are off to a great start and i commend you for your determination and willpower. Although, personally, i think your way to this point is hard. I know what it was like to "cut down" and i jumped my start date. However, everyone is different, and only you knows you. I am presuming you will also quit vaping once you are comfortable enough to. Right now, it is one day at a time and you are nailing it girl. Keep up the great achievement and keep reading and adopting the mindset. It truly does make the journey easier.
  • Nuts September 19, 2019 | 13:33
    Well done Lorry, you are doing really well. But to hear that you are vaping worries me a lot. There has been 7 deaths from vaping so far. You dont need it mate. Just use your inhaler if you have to, but PLEASE dont vape
  • Happiness September 24, 2019 | 2:56
    I hope Day 10 finds you on track and finding it easier every day. Wishing you well and success. However you quit, does not matter. Once quit you will look after your health i am sure. You can do this!

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