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Posted in Quit experiences 14 Sep 2019

So I'm checking in a day early because I know tomorrow is going to be hectic but it will

Be my 1 month milestone for not smoking. The actual not smoking is getting easier everyday. I barely think about it now and barely notice when others light up in front of me.

Everyday I am learning something new about myself and to be honest it's not always something good. This week my gums began to feel very sensitive so I went to the dentist and it would appear I have moderate to severe gum disease that was being hidden by my smoking and the way it constricted the blood vessels in my gums. It is going to take a lot of dentist visits and my fair share of discomfort in the dentists chair to try to save my teeth but something else I've learned about myself since quitting smoking is that I'm actually a positive happy person and I'm so happy I quit when I did and in time to receive dental care before my teeth were to far gone and if I do have to face a worse case scenario now that I'm a non smoker I am an eligible candidate for implants instead of dentures.

On a lighter note I have started running and yoga and my middle son hasn't had an asthma attack since I quit which is a huge accomplishment considering it's spring. I think the key message here is if you are wanting to quit or thinking about quitting don't use the fear of what you might discover as an excuse to not try, because if you do those same things your trying to keep hidden will only become worse. im saving my future one unsmoked coffin nail at a time. I hope you will all join me.

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  • Happiness September 15, 2019 | 2:36
    Wow ! I am so impressed with the total change of demeanor and positivity then exudes from your comments today. You rock it girl!

    Once you get it together and make up your mind anything is possible. Knowledge and positive thinking are key. Congrats on your one month as a non-smoker Kirk88.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 15, 2019 | 8:05
    I am glad you thought of us all here before you had that hectic day. Kirk88. You are certainly learning fast, the hidden factors of our emotions or health come very strongly forwards to show us that all is not well in this area of our lives. We are indeed learning about our bodies and our emotions without the mask that covers them up.

    So glad your son is not being effected by your smoking, you have good motivators to keep on smiling through this learning process, I see you are doing yoga, which means you now have the tool of yoga breathing, to use at any time, even at the Dentist. I use this and am zoned out for most of the time when I am in the Dentists chair. I relax every muscle that I am aware of in my body from head to toe then from toe to head. It always works.

    Congratulations on a whole month of non smoking

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