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Posted in Getting started 14 Sep 2019

I have started today I smoked my last cig this morning before work.

I quit smoking for 10 years in my 30's then after a night out I tried one and was hooked again badly. I am now trying again after 20 years. Just turned 66 yo

I plan to use Nicorette Inhaler and Vaping ( not nicotine based )

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  • Happiness September 15, 2019 | 2:28
    Hi Lorry. It is always a great decision to lay down the cigarettes but as well as breaking the nicotine addiction is accepting that we are non-smokers and changing our minds and habits to that fact. I worry that using that hand to mouth action consistently will only serve as a reminder and trigger to complicate your quit. If you feel that is your best option, then please set a quit date for the vaping as well. Is vaping even deemed as safe? Do your research required for both topics and alll the best to you.

    Anyone can quit smoking if they have the desire to. Read and Learn. Knowledge is Power!
  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 15, 2019 | 7:46
    Welcome Lorry Day 1 is a great day to start thinking of how you might continue on your Non smoking regime, I too needed hand to mouth, but did not use vaping for the simple reason there is not enough research done yet to supplement this with a cigarette, I used chewies and nuts and other things which were not too fattening to allow my brain to think that this was a cigarette. Even a straw cut in half was another way. I used the inhaler along with patches at one stage in my non smoking career, this worked to a degree.

    Keep your mind off of the cigarettes to begin with by keeping busy, do all those jobs that you kept putting off, and reward yourself with a pleasant drink or some pleasant food (you can diet later on) I used to give myself Gold Stars just like I was a kid at school, until I got enough money to buy a reward that would last.

    Congratulations on taking the plunge and we look forward to further posts from you.

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