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I quit for 3 years and started again last year..

Posted in Quit experiences 12 Sep 2019

I smoked for 3 years. Then quit for 3 years and now have been smoking for 1 year again. And want to quit tomorrow. Im really struggling to as my job is stressful. It would be so helpful if someone would just tell me there is an essy way out. But i am wanting to have children soon and smoking is one thing i want to be able to quit before having kids. Its a struggle.. but im adamant on doing this for myself and for the people around me.

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  • storm, Murrumbidgee September 14, 2019 | 13:17
    hi Ej93 sorry there is no easy way, however something i read on here very early i my own quit journey has always helped me stay away from cigarette
    It went something like this -
    just remember whatever is happening in your life at the moment having a cigarette will not change anything
    after you have your cigarette nothing will have changed except now you will have had a cigarette
    this is so simple but helped me immensely because when i smoked i would run to the cigarettes the minutes anything went wrong or became stressful
    it is true having a cigarette doesn't solve anything it is just having a cigarette
    hope this may help you now and always
  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 13, 2019 | 8:00
    Welcome Ej93 It seems as if you have struggled with different events in your life rather than with the lighting up problem. I have tried a few times, and this will most definitely be my last. You have prior knowledge of what to do so this should make it easier, but you need the kind of mind set that says no matter what I will not light up. Read all you can as suggested. Alan Carr has a free book download, you can read it slowly a bit at a time if you are super busy. You will need your courage to believe in yourself to start with and give yourself lots of mantras and rewards along the way. Today is a good day to start, keeping in touch keeps you on track.
  • Happiness September 12, 2019 | 15:17
    Hi Ej93. Learning the mindset and basically accepting the fact that you will be a non-smoker is the hard part . That is part of the reason why you started again, or maybe you simply tried to defy the odds and have a puff thinking it wouldn't hurt. Read and learn about nicotine and why we are addicted and how to think in a way to overcome its hold . While you are still smoking, do this.
    I wrote a piece called "If you've Given Up , Giving Up, Try This" and would love to hear back from you as to whether it is helpful. I call it the Backwards Quit in that you learn how to adjust your thinking before you cease the use of nicotine. You can still smoke, but learning about it and taking the enjoyment out of it. I always say that knowledge is power. Of course reading Allan Carr or Joel Spritz e-books which are available free through links in my stories with their names. Click on my name here above and find the stories and links while they are still available. They are must reads for everyone at any stage of the quit.

    You asked for easy, that is my opinion. Best to you and please let us know what works for you.

    P.S. Setting a quit date is always recommended to keep you accountable and not to procrastinate.

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