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Gave up after 25 Years!

Posted in Hints and tips 10 Sep 2019


After 25 Years and multiple times of trying to quit - I think I'm done with Cigarettes.

I tried everything to quit then a friend of mine introduced me to Pod Type E-Cigarettes - These were the small Pod type called Juul.

So I got on line and bought a couple with 5% Nicotine.

I was able to give the cigarettes away immediately.

After 3 months I have recently given these away and now occasionally use Nicotine mouth spray.

Apart of feeling a lot better, no coughing etc - I'm saving lots of money!

So this process worked for me.

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  • Happiness September 11, 2019 | 8:14
    However you overcome the nicotine addiction before it overcomes you is a great story. Cutting down on smoking/nicotine is usually harder than cold turkey . Remember that you are still addicted to nicotine if you are using the mouth spray, however you seem at ease with it and are winning the psychological part of the quit. That is the hardest part of the journey to accept, so stepping off should be easy for you. After all a craving is a craving just like the other. You're doing great. Keep up posted on your success!
  • Tibenda September 12, 2019 | 4:03
    Am from Uganda, aged 42 and started smoking while at University in 1999. Am trying my best to quit smoking but its a bit hard. A friend has posted referring to Pod type E-Cigarattes that assisted him to quit easily. How can one access it, meanwhile have started the Journey.
  • Happiness September 12, 2019 | 15:35
    While E cigarettes and vaping may seem like a good alternative, they are not proven safe and i have heard people say that they too cause serious lung conditions. Please research before you make the decision, and a quit date for that as well. Here on IcanQuit we advocate the mindset and learning new behaviours. Most of us agree,i think, that that hand to mouth movement should be abolished , not encouraged. I should image that it would be a trigger for cravings.

    There are lots of stories and posts to learn from here, and loads of information on nicotine on the internet. Read and learn how to want to be a non-smoker. Understand that you will not feel that you are giving up anything. In fact, there are so many rewards that you probably never even thought of. Embrace the journey and make a better future for life.

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