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I quit cold turkey, and its the best decision I ever made

Posted in Quit experiences 09 Sep 2019

I had been a smoker for almost 8 years now. I fist started smoking as fun, but as time went on, I started smoking more and more. Before quitting, I averaged about 10 a day. I got married this year to a beautiful girl I love to death. She said the only thing she doent like about me is my smoking. She says, otherwise I am perfect. 16 days ago, she said the same thing again, and I dont know why, but it touched me. Right then and there I promised her, I would never smoke again. I quit cold turkey that day. It has been 16 days and I believe it has been the best decision I have ever made. I wont lie, the temptation I have sometimes has been dreadful, but everytime i have this temptation, i just remember my wife, and I say to myself- I want to spend the rest of my life with this beautiful woman, but if you keep smoking, you wont be able to for very long. Then the temptation goes away. After I quit, I have been sleeping a lot better now, i have noticed a considerable difference in my breathing when I ride my bicycle in the afternoons, and i am glad I dont stink like a damp chimney all the damn time. It is the first time I quit smoking and its been tough at times, but, nothing you cant get through. I can proudly say that it has been the best decision I ever made, and I am never going back to being miserable again. If I can, no reason you can't either. Stop being miserable, just give up the damn thing and tell the temptation to go f**k itself...

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  • Happiness September 09, 2019 | 7:03
    Great! No beating around the bush, just do it! I have always hooked up with smokers, I can't or rather yes i can imagine what it must smell and taste like to kiss an ashtray. Not only will your decision please her, but you have already experienced some of the amazing rewards. Good for you and your wonderful attitude and acceptance of the journey. You will never regret it!
  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 09, 2019 | 8:34
    Welcome Socrates, Looks like you had something you treasured more than smoking, to support your reasons to Quit; which I am sure she did for you. Some of my smoking friends were great to me at the time but were also happy to see me fail.

    Everything changes for the better when you stop smoking as long as you have your own strong reasons firmly in place, this is the glue which sticks and cravings are just that cravings; these will pass in time.

    Continue being a "A happy Non Smoker"

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