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Heart Attack

Posted in Getting started 08 Sep 2019

On August 22 I walked into the Emergency Room with shortness of breath and chest pains. I was in acute heart failure with my heart working at only 20 percent...congestive heart failure!! I was so scared. I had no idea I had heart problems.. I am 58 years old. It took them 6 days to get my heart strong enough to do a catherization..Doctor had to stop. My main artery (LAD) was 80 percent blocked...all from smoking cigarettes!! The only hope I had was for a bypass. I was beyond children are 12 and 15..the future wasn't looking good at all. Through lots of prayers and God on the 7th day my heart was up to 53 percent and they were able to put one stent in...I smoked for 44 years. I always thought about lung cancer but never heart disease. I am on day 17 of no smoking. I didn't notice physical withdraws as I was in hospital the first 9 days. Now it is just the physiological parts of quitting. I have even dreamed that I smoked one..I know that wanting one will more than likely always be there but as long as I don't touch them I will be okay. I will be on heart meds for the rest of my life and that's okay. Had I not gone to the emergency room I wouldn't be here to write this.

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  • Nuts September 08, 2019 | 10:28
    Hi Mysharona and welcome. 17 days smoke free is fabulous. I am sorry to hear about your heart problems. Its funny how we think that 'It wont happen to me' We puff away on our smokes for years thinking that we are cool, and that we enjoy it. We have no clue about what is happening inside of us. Sure we see the adds and read about what could happen, but that will only happen to other people, never to us. How silly are we ? Smoking Will Kill Us. It may have taken a major scare for you to quit, but it is the best thing that you have done. You health will now improve and you will be there for your family.
  • Battle won September 10, 2019 | 7:19
    Congratulations on 17 days smoke free, it’s the small beginnings that lead to big victories. You Got This.

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