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Too Much to Think About

Posted in Getting started 07 Sep 2019

Overwhelming. Not a good start. When I wake for a weekend away and think about the menu.... easy? for my mate... piece of cake,,, whats the big deal.... til you get there and forgot So many times i wish that for just one weekend he plans it.... I am sure the ladies get me.... Retirement...ummm... maybe i would enjoy working knowing that i didn't have to shop and plan meals (to budget) and cook when i get home. Let alone clean and laundry....... Let me enjoy working..... and come home to heaven....

Maybe that is the redefined defitition of retirement. All in favour say AYE!

Unfortunately , this is not a site about the mate. We do have our own lives and own decisions to make. We can be assertive and rule, but only if we can be deemed to be serious. !!! Do we want to assert a new liberal movement? Personally, I am all in favour of those who want to help themselves.. We can be free, lets do it , and help others to find the way.

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 08, 2019 | 8:22
    Dear Happiness, I have been planning and doing for myself for a long time, yes its a drag sometimes, but in the scheme of things you have your mate/partner near you, I lost mine a long time ago and believe me if anyone wants some support on how to stop smoking or any other advice on how to give yourself many pats on the back, when it needs courage and commitment to undertake on there own, I am here to listen and offer my support.
  • TheOldPhart September 13, 2019 | 20:47
    I have read your words of guidance over the past years and I view you as an angel garbed in white robes, holding a shield in your left hand and a sword in your right hand. Your words form a barrier for all who choose to enter the fray against nicotine. Your words show all the world that while taking-up the task of being a guardian angel, you are human with all of the same concerns that plague the mere mortals who take shelter behind your shield. The fact that you have concerns like the rest of us does not make you any less amazing in your role as the "Supporting Guardian Angel" for those of us who have opted to Quit. Thank you Happiness!

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