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Disregard the B>S

Posted in Getting started 07 Sep 2019

Forget what you 've been told. Quitting is so hard to do. It is harder than quitting heroine. BS.... capital B....S..... I didn't have access to computers and research like we do these days. I could not join a quit group in the comfort of my own home without family disruption and miles of travel. I had no one to tell me that what i was experiencing was normal. I was alone and afraid and doubtful.

Joining this forum or such forms is the first step in learning about nicotine and giving you great starting tips and allaying fears. Most of which is that cravings are merely thoughts . Journeys can be taken with less hardships, and mindset does determine that. Some like me may even believe that ginger or other natural sources can help allieviate cravings. Most cravings are described as anxiety, and that is natural for all of us whether moving or starting a new job. They are big decisions, and changes in our lives. We generally take them in stride and move forward, why is quitting smoking so different. Do you believe it is the best change you can make in your life. I challenge you to have anyone here who has quit smoking tell you that they have any regrets. In fact more can't believe the difference, positive difference, it has made in their lives. No one here will tell you that it was not worth the effort. Some , like me will even tell you that this journey can be easier than you ever imagined. If you embrace it for the wonderful experience and terrific gains you will gain in your life it will be. If you fight it, thinking it gave you something and that you will miss it, the you will miss it and long for it and bring on the cravings. You have the control. Belleve that. Nicotine was a drug that controlled your body to allow it because we insisted to introduce it. We coughed and gagged until our bodies said ok then.......

We denied that we were addicted. Plain and simple. Remember and forgive yourself, you were young and influenced. Peer pressure, advertisement, and government supported. We did NOT choose to become addicted. We were young and "that wouldn't happen to me" we were immortal. Sadly we are not and it is time to face the facts.

We can escape the bonds of slavery to nicotine. Read and Learn because knowledge truly is power. Once you can understand and accept , you too can really embrace this journey to regaining your life and becoming what we once were.....non-smokers. That is the natural state which we should be seeking and not fearing. Yes you may feel at a loss with the moments that you usually had a smoke, but there are other things that you can fill the gaps with to make you forget and move on.

I am glad to learn of great success stories this week, back in the wings. Although they are silent, they speak volumes, so thanks for letting us know that we were of help to you. We hope that someday you will feel comfortable to take more initiative and take part in our forum. Everyones input is valuable and sought. If no one posted, no one would come to read. It is by our success that we motivate others and they come to believe. Believing is the most important part of the mindset.

Those who have come to know me, know that i quit smoking as I quit work. I decided to retire and it gives me solace and great pleasure if i can help others here to this cause. No one was more surprised than I that I suddenly quit smoking. I just want you to know and BELIEVE that you can too. Others here are great supporters too but may not have the time that i have to spare and comment as much. I do apologize if I repeat myself in cases, but i deliberately try to include some information in my replies as well as support. All the best to all in every aspect of their journies. You can do it and no one will ever tell you that it wasn't worth the effort!!!!!

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  • jasengel October 28, 2019 | 0:01
    Hi Happiness, I would like to tap into your wisdom for quitting smoking, I am on day 4 and haven't slept for the last two nights any tips on how long insomnia lasts?
  • Happiness October 28, 2019 | 0:43
    Hi jasengel. I really wish I had the answer. I slept like a baby when i quit, but the past few months (Months after i quit as i am almost a year) I too have bouts of insomnia. Mine may be due to not adhering to a ritual or timetable, as i am retired, can and do stay up to the wee hours or have the luxury of having a catnap.
    Lots of things from warm milk, not looking at screens before bed, winding down before bed, exercise through the day or melatonin are some suggestions. Breathing exercises are somewhat like counting sheep and have worked on occasion for me.

    Accepting the process of being a non-smoker will also ease your mind in some ways i would think. It certainly make the journey more bearable (I hesitate to use the word enjoyable) Use your time off work to make self improvement, learn , get more fit etc and think positive. You are at cross roads in your life right now, but a door will open up. I am glad that you opened this door to becoming a non=smoker. Someday you will be grateful that you did.

    All the best to you. You can quit smoking. Things will work out. Think positive!

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