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i have reached 1 month

Posted in Staying quit 07 Sep 2019

I have reached the 1-month milestone, I quit because I was coming up to an operation which is on Monday 9th September. I can't believe that I haven't smoked for 1 month the patches have really helped me. I only hope that I can stay quit after I have the operation I think that will be the hardest part for me. I can breathe easier and I passed the breathing test with flying colors in the pre-op. I am so proud of myself, I don't smell of smokes any more which is great. Thanks for all the support from my family and this forum.

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  • Nuts September 07, 2019 | 11:54
    Hi Jen. 1 month is fantastic. You are doing so well. I used patches to quit as well. After 2 weeks i cut them in half and then quarters after week 3. Week 4 i ditched them all together. I didnt miss them at all. I think that the makers of the patches want us to keep using them for months so they can make more money. Dont use them for too long. Good luck with your operation and stay positive with your quit.
  • Happiness September 07, 2019 | 14:19
    Hi Jen67. Congratulations and i want to tell you that despite what you may think the worse is over. You have changed your routine and mindset enough to stay free for one whole month, and that is definitely the worst behind. As Nuts implies, nicotine patch manufacturers want you to buy there product and they don't care how long you stay on it. Did you know that in the fine print they tell you that the product works best in conjunction with councelling. lol..... that would be us! We are not professionals, but who better to ask than someone who has been through it. Each journey is different of course, but someone out there has experienced what you have and are more than willing to lend a helping and supportive hand. We feel happy that we can help you , and happy means more dopamine and less dependence on the smoke.

    Truly, the mind does the majority of the work, and it is understanding how to change that ingrained belief that we like and need to smoke that we need to overcome. It is a drug that influenced out feelings and actually controlled us. We were then told how hard it was to quit, harder than sure, NOT, Not, Not true. We are all ordinary people from all walks of life. Stick all statistics that want to discourage you. We are proof that it can be done. Sometimes it can even be easy if you can truly let go of the past and embrace the future as a non-smoker. Your cravings will be no worse nor better if you quit the patch. It is a placebo if you ask me. A craving is just a thought, whether for nicotine or the 80% psychological part of the journey. As I pointed out, the worst is over, and you are doing well at a month in , and I don't know why you would ever think of turning back. We get older, our health gets worse as a natural course, and of course smoking accelerates ill health. Be thankful that you could have this operation and remain free and forever grateful that you could accomplish this. Take pride in your accomplishment.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 08, 2019 | 7:35
    Well done Jen67 I hope your operation is a success. You will need to rest and recuperate so this is an ideal time to think of developing new habits for the long term, to use in your new lifestyle.

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