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Posted in Quit experiences 30 Aug 2019

Hi All - i am new to this site although over the past month i have been reading everyone’s quit stories to help with my own so i though i’d share mine.

I am 27 and have been an 11 year / half a pack day smoker, i decided to quit this time around as i’ve had shortness of breath as well as back n chest congestion for the last 9months (not sure if muscle related, need to get checked). I quit July 20th 2019 - it isn’t my first quit but it is my longest, 41 days, i cannot believe i’ve come this far given i was so heavily dependent and addicted to the cigarettes, i couldn’t go anywhere without them.

My first 2 week quit (2 years ago) really is what opened my eyes - after that, smoking was not the same, i had a sense of awareness that it wasn’t right - it’s like the 2 weeks of being smoke free ripped me from a 9 year vortex and open my eyes. Hard to explain. Over the 2 years from then and i had only ever been able to quit for up to 2 weeks on multiple occasions before caving in to my addiction.

Now that i have come further than ever i feel a lot better from every aspect but every day is different - i moved house this week so it’s been really tough - longer, harder, physical cravings - I’ve come to far to give up now plus i’ve saved $700, my kids don’t smell smoke on me, my chest is still congested but i think thats muscle related, i’m running agin (with a knee injury) and loving life....

I hope you are all tracking well and this story helps in some way or form!

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  • Happiness August 31, 2019 | 0:50
    Hi Blake14 and an official welcome to you but I am glad that you are not really new at all, just finally made the great decision to be a member of this wonderful forum . I am always happy to know that people have invested their time to read stories and gain knowledge and belief that they too can quit this vile addiction. It really can be easier than people fear if they truly want to do it. It is normal to be torn and apprehensive, but by learning about nicotine we can change how we think. I believe that is what happened to you in a previous quit. Stop thinking of this as your longest quit, but your LAST!

    May I ask if you have ever joined a quit smoking forum before and if you feel this forum had any bearing on your current success?

    Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to your reply and your future comments and support to this fabulous forum of friendship in finding freedom.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 31, 2019 | 9:08
    A warm welcome BlakeM, I too suffered from stopping and starting, until I realized my belief system was not in place, and the problems with Nicotine which had a stronger hold on me than I originally thought. It kept dragging me back into it's net. If you were a woman you will not miss rummaging around in your bag for that pack of smokes then the lighter to go with it.

    I found this forum invaluable, and helped me to realize I wasn't alone and I have resolved most of the issues which were related to smoking (mental association) Please read as much as you can and you might like to catch a video which points out your strengths and weaknesses you'll find it on utube "How to grow to be a happy non-smoker" Delivered by NASIA DAVOS TedxUniversityofPiraeus. It will add to your happiness.

    Congratulations to your internal body in recognizing what is not doing you any good, and very well done considering the stressful move. Let your body heal nicely now, with no celebratory cigarette.
  • Nuts August 31, 2019 | 11:37
    Hi Blake. 41 days is fantastic. The worst is over and you dont want to go back to day 1. This forum is fantastic. Everone has a different story to tell and lots of support and advice. Its amazing how much money we wasted on smokes. Buy yourself something special. You deserve it. Well done mate. 👍🤠
  • Happiness August 31, 2019 | 13:16
    I should also add that visiting this forum even after quitter for years is beneficial in keeping you on the straight and narrow. You know how easy it is to relapse. You really only need to quit once.

    I have written many informative pieces, so I am posting the link which is back on page 2 now.

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