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Easy or Hard?

Posted in Hints and tips 27 Aug 2019
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Quitting smoking is as easy or difficult as you make it.

I was going through some favourite stories and found a link within one that i missed. It is truly inspiring and instrumental in changing the mindset . I attitribute my easy quit to learning the truths about nicotine. I hope you all will follow the link that Jeremiah Say was so kind as to post. When you arrive , click on his circle photo to access the information. Enjoy!

His website link is within his post which i am linking you to.

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1 Comment

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 28, 2019 | 7:35
    I agree that was a heartfelt story Happiness, either young or old, it can be either easy or hard. I have discovered this forum which makes it easier for me now. The knowledge of what Nicotine (cigarette) does to your body goes hand in hand with making your decision to continue or to try again. My belief system wasn't strong enough before, now its getting stronger every day, I still have moments and thoughts that crowd in on me at times, but I know I will not be taking another puff again.

    If you are wondering what I was talking about in filling out forms etc., Administration let a commercial operator join up (non profit) so they said, but wanted surveys done from our members, which to my mind was a bit off putting. I have given them my comments.

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