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Cold Turkey show it who's the boss!!!

Posted in Getting started 26 Aug 2019

It's different every time. It's different for every person.

I started smoking at 12 . I stopped the first time in June 2016. Cold turkey. It's nothing like this time .

Picked back up a cig. In Oct. 2018. After a disaster. Feb. I was told I had Hypothyroid. We tried me on Levox. Which took less then 4 months for my body to become allergic to it. My thyroid was at an 11 I had crashed. Then this month 6 days ago I was sitting on the porch smoking and realized I didn't enjoy it but did it for the destress. I wanted to be healthier. I put the pack in my drawer and didn't look back. I stopped COLD TUTKEY. IM the boss....this was 6 days ago.

Trigger#1. Back porch where I would sit. Don't go there now. #2. Trigger my sister. But since Monday sleep is where I lay down and get jolted wide awake heart pounding anxiety. No sleep at all. Like someone shocked me. I took benodrill kinda helped . I also feel like I'm in a huge fog. There but not mentally. Like I'm blah ...Had constipation now diahrea. I can't eat sugar or my anxiety kicks in bad.

Had my thyroid tested last night TSH was a 7. They told me it smoking effects your thyroid and many smokers get thyroid disorder after quiting smoking. Great I already have one. So I'm sure some of the side affects are that to. My will power is there i won't ever smoke again but I'd like to know how other people have fog or tired or how they feel.

Thanks all

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  • NicoleF, Hunter New England August 26, 2019 | 17:58
    Congratulations Floating, keep up the good work, 6 days and counting. Yes I ended with Hypothyroidism the first time I quit smoking. I am eight weeks since my last smoke and I live with a smoker, but this time I’ve given up for good! I know you can too!
  • Robn August 26, 2019 | 18:34
    Hi Floating, well done to you....this is a decision you will never regret. Tiredness I can identify with...I was like that for about 6 weeks then after that I slept better and actually had more energy. It will all improve...if you think about it the body is not getting the nicotine it is used to so there is a period of readjustment for your body. Life without being chained to smoking is awesome and I had smoked for more than half my life......stupidly. Stay strong and enjoy staying clean.
  • Happiness August 27, 2019 | 14:25
    Hi Floating. I felt that floating or disoriented feeling when i tried the patch and zyban years ago which is why i stopped taking it. Decades ago we didn't have the internet and support groups to know that that was the norm. Even this time around going cold turkey i remember having bouts of it for maybe the first week. Everybody is different and every body needs time to adjust. Our minds also
    need time to learn and accept our new conditioning. I slept well because i could breathe better i am sure. I am sorry you are finding these side effects challenging, but strive to get through them and work with your doctor. It will all be worth it in the end.

    You are doing great, think positive and you will succeed.

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