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Joined of those days....

Posted in Quit experiences 07 Jul 2012
2 Comments know (?), sometimes you just have one of those of those days when you feel really down and start to question all kinds of things...well, I am having one of those...btw, this is day 60 for me....normally in the past a day like this I would have gone to bottle shop and gotten a six pack of vb or a couple of longnecks and set back with my beer and my cigs and had a "oh woe is me kind of day"....I didn't duck out for beer, but I did crack open a bottle of wine, but I guess the good thing is I didn't have that automatic sort of default behavior of reaching for a cig as well....I was using champix and I used about eight weeks worth before i stopped  them ....I stopped taking the evening tablet after about five weeks because of the insomnia, and I stopped altogether because they seemed to be interferring with my other medication...any way, I am still glad I stopped smoking...I am suffering a bad cold with the accompaning cough and sore least I can finally say, the cough isn't because of my smoking....good luck to all of you just starting your quit journey...I am hanging in there and again, so happy I made the decision to finally get off my rear and quit...

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  • kdove July 08, 2012 | 11:04
    i am happy for you and may appreciate your health for the future. i am having shortness of breath and coughed blood in my mucus this morning. i am in my mid 20's and i have been advised to go to an emergency in hospital asap.
    now i am wondering what could this lead to but i am seriously intending to quit for good now.
    alcohol smoking and unhealthy lifestyle never pays so once again good luck and hope you do well.
  • dr.feelgood, Western NSW July 08, 2012 | 12:35
    kdove that sounds pretty serious blood in your mucus sounds like emphysema to me i would get that seen to right away, and such a young age, oh well i hope all is okay.

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