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Posted in Staying quit 22 Aug 2019

I have resigned as a smoker. I have been quit for over 19 weeks. My hands were splitting daily with dry skin. I have been told to drink plenty of water. I have been told to give up coffee and tea. I have been told to constantly apply moisturiser. The spitting stopped when the smoking stopped but my hands are still dry. This last week has been difficult to navigate because I have wanted to purchase smokes. My conciliation is just that I haven't done it.

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  • Happiness August 23, 2019 | 0:07
    It is such great news to hear that you are over 4 months quit Penelope. Be proud of yourself! Be Happy about the positives you are receiving having taken this journey. I am sad that your tone sounds bitter and disappointed , when you should be over the moon! You have finally succeeded in doing what you have worked for a long time. You admit that you breathe better, your skin has stopped cracking and being painful, and your feet and ankles are no loonger swollen. You are finally returning to a healthier you. Look on the bright side of life Penelope. You won! You quit smoking. Now you just have to remember one thing to keep it that way. Not One Puff Ever! Just as you did this, continue everyday to remind yourself that you just don't need it anymore. Please try to convince yourself that you just don't WANT it in your life anymore.

    Focus on the positives in your life Penelope. Your home, your garden, your better health, the money saved, your precious Bobby and others that you love. They are the important things to be cherished, not the tube of nicotine which caused so much harm. Please CHOOSE to move forward and leave it behind in your heart and mind. You can do this! Be free and finally be happy. :)
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 23, 2019 | 7:39
    You are resigned says a lot Penelope. Because you have been told to do this for your health or for whatever reason it doesn't come from yourself.

    Treat this as an opportunity for you to discover your very own reasons. Your other reasons should resonate with you and your beliefs. Changing your lifestyle will then become your very own idea.

    Once you have written down your own reasons again, resolve to keep this in front of you while you continue every day to maintain your commitment to yourself on giving the smokes away, they are rubbish you are not.
  • Lia August 28, 2019 | 23:27
    Hi Penelopejane. Remember you from way back. Tend to agree with softly40. Do this for yourself and no other reason. I must admit I do enjoy the retail therapy because my money is not ash in a tray I have enjoyed my "pay rise" and can easily afford to buy expensive clothes, shoes and designer jewellery. Free, at last. Battling to squander $10000 out of $34000...

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