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Catherine anne
Western NSW


Posted in Quit experiences 16 Aug 2019

Omg I have noticed for the last week I have been sooo hungry all the time. Is this normal and will it slow down. At least I drink plenty of water which I might add has only been since quitting. Please someone tell me my food intake will decrease lol. I’m trying to choose healthy to munch on at the moment ❤️💋❤️

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  • themrsbeardsley01 August 17, 2019 | 14:09
    WOW! That 80 pounds comment just blew my mind. I had no idea. that is just ...WOW...that's all I got on that.

    Our poor little hearts...
  • Happiness August 17, 2019 | 0:06
    Perhaps we appreciate our food more. Gaining our senses of taste and smell is wonderful but as you say, too much of a good thing. Stick to the healthy fruits and veggies which don't have as many calories and natural sugars. Maybe you can increase your exercise to account for the difference without guilt. A little weight gain is normal for most i think and it is far better to gain a few pounds than to keep smoking. I read somewhere that quitting smoking was equivalent to losing 80 lbs. That is a lot of stress on your heart and body and knees. I know when i have reached my stress points when my knees start to hurt when bending. (No, I'm not saying I gained weight when quitting as i did not)

    Another tidbit is that Dark Chocolate 70% at least, is beneficial to your health (in moderation of course). It has many health benefits and it helps to raise our dopamine. Chocolate is definitely a happy food. I added cocoa powder to oatmeal when i needed a fix to make it a breakfast pudding.

    You're doing great Catherine anne and I am sure you will find the "balance" you need to stay happy and content with the new you. Breathing better now should promote more activity and make exercise easier.

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