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Pick Date, Plan, Accountability, and Prepare and hold on tight

Posted in Quit experiences 16 Aug 2019
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As a never Quit Quitting Quitter, I found new tools for me to STAY Quit this time!

Picked my quit date. Threw away anything and all things related to smoking.

Accountability: Told my Family, Co-Workers, Friends, that I was quitting.

If I get an urge at work, I walk with one of my "smoking" friends, who won't smoke around me. I advised them I had to stay away from smoke. Period.

Downloaded "Easy Qut" App - Similar to this, made by an Ex-Smoker, you can see your savings, how your health improves the longer you don't smoke, a game to stop an Urge, a Diary to vent or just write your thoughts, and what were your triggers any given day.

I look at this APP often, I remind myself every morning how I am going to get healthier.

I even go to a monthly Cancer Quit Smoking Cessation class at a local hospital and call the Quit Line twice a month.

Work the plan! Its not easy, I had to stay away from events because I knew "family" was one of my triggers. They understood, I was too early into my no smoking. I apologized often if I was irritable, after a week or so, I felt a little spacey as well, apologized to my clients, they all understood and appreciated what I was trying to do.

Give yourself time to heal, be patient, and if you slip, get back up and do it again.

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness August 17, 2019 | 0:13
    A well thought out and implemented plan CCMom.
    You wake each morning and remind yourself that you are going to get healthier. That is the outlook you need when cravings hit. Not that you are quitting smoking but choosing to get healthier, choosing life. To continue smoking is not choosing life, it is choosing to avoid a situation that is bad, even fatal for you.

    With knowledge, a plan and support, anyone can quit smoking and regain control of their lives. Thanks for outlining what worked for you CCMom.

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