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What my "turning point" was to stop smoking

Posted in Reasons to quit 16 Aug 2019
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I am not quite 60 but have smoke more than half my life. I had quit before but being younger it never quite stuck. Past winter I had the one strain of Flu (I did have my Flu shot) then back to back case of Bronchitis. My coughing was so bad for two months, that my ribs were hurting. Lung X-Ray "ok" (I would assume for a smoker" but my Physician had asked me prior to have a CT Scan of my lungs due to my history/years of smoking. Needless to say, I forgot to get that done.

I had the CT Scan done in late June. Simple and fast procedure, I was in & out in literally 10 minutes. Then I was scared to death of what the results would be. On my long weekend away for the 4th of July I get the call. Good New and Bad News. Good News, no Cancer or lymphocytes, BUT the BAD news, (I did not do a CT with IV contrast) from what they could see, it appeared I was early stage emphysema. That scared me bad. even more so after reading up on it and it's not reversible. I love to kayak, I love to take photos while on my kayak, I want to travel soon, and I don't wan't to walk around with a oxygen tank. I am still too young and know that this was not how I wanted to live out my days, because of poor decision as a teenager. 

I smoked the balance of my weekend. Set my date, and it has now been 30 days without a cigerette. Yes I am using Nicotine patch to get me of cigerettes, weaning myself now to 14mg from 21mg. (for pack a day smokers) 

I will share with you if you would like, how I worked a plan, made my plan work.

Thank you all, God Bless, CC Mom 

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  • Happiness August 16, 2019 | 9:03
    Congratulations on 30 days CCMom. It is a journey many of us wish we had taken years ago, but you are here now and even emphysema can be treated and halted before it get unmanageable. I have read that a well balanced diet and exercise are of aid in ongoing preventative measures. Of course , quitting smoking is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Fight the nicomonster and you may not have to fight emphyzema. You are well on your way to finishing this journey to freedom. Let us know if we can be of help.

    I am sure we would like to learn what helped you to quit and what keeps you motivated, and the tricks you use. Embrace the journey now that you are here. Accepting makes it so much easier. You're doing great, stay positive.

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