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Illawarra Shoalhaven

If I did it, well so can YOU.

Posted in Staying quit 15 Aug 2019

Hello everyone, Yeap its been one year since i gave the demons up. No more coughing or dry reaching or vomiting or having short breaths or having a yiak taste in your mouth or your clothes smelling of cigarettes and so on and so on. Just the though of the crave now makes me feel sick to my stomach. Dont waste your money on patches or any other methods that will cost you money. Cold turkey is the best way cause your telling your brain that you are in control. Please guys and gals just stop them as of now and read how i did it that made it work for me. This is my last time i will say anything else as i am going to continue with my life.It was a pleasure letting everyone know my journey of quitting and i really wish you all the best and good luck .

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  • Happiness August 15, 2019 | 15:48
    Good to hear from you again last pack. Congratulations on freeing yourself from the vile addiction. So many reasons to want to make the change and plenty of doers and believers here. We need stories like yours to inspire others and encourage them along the way, please don't leave us, you are needed.
    Help us to "shout NO" to the temptations and lead urf minds to power and control. Please at least check in to maintain your resolve, as we know that the nicomonster can be a sneaky devil.

    Congratulations again Michael. I am glad you are wanting to get on with your life. May it be full of joy and laughter and good times with those grandkids of yours. Keep well. Stay proud and free.
  • emsie August 16, 2019 | 19:54
    Well done.

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