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Illawarra Shoalhaven

Day 1 20th attempt

Posted in Getting started 07 Aug 2019

Day 1 today in my lifelong love/hate relationship with smoking. I already know that day 3 is my worst enemy, day 21 is my risky complacency day and any form of high stress just sends me straight back to the cigarette counter BUT this time i have new tactics. I have developed diffusion and distraction techniques, I've downloaded and registered on the icanquit app. I've entered the icanquit number into my contact list ready for the day 3 emergency call lol I'm going cold turkey after trying EVERY other method of quitting and I'm already looking forward to clearer skin, healthier gums, more bucks for my bangs and ciggy self talk emancipation. Scared but very very hopeful. Watch this space 🤠

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  • Happiness August 08, 2019 | 0:46
    Good for you for making some great starting moves like joining us here on iCanQuit. Don't be scared, look forward to the freedom this journey will bring. Cravings are really just thoughts, and by diverting our attention and refusing to dwell on them, they pass faster and come less frequently. Stop the love/hate relationship for that only ends up with more debates running in your head. There should be no debate, as you have made a clear decision. Follow through on your commitment. Embracing the journey makes it so much easier.
    If you click on my name here it will bring up previous stories i have written including "Allan Carr" link to his terrific book which is a must read. Short but well written and chocked full of great ideas, truths, and can allay your fears. Its free and the last one disappeared, so do it while you can.

    You sound ready and armed to do this battle for the last time. Nicotine is out of the system by half every 2 hours so when you wake there is only 7% left. 72 hours in, you are over the worst with negligible effects of nicotine. It is the psychological battle in our minds that has to be overcome by retraining the way we think and feel about smoking.

    Drink water to dispell toxins, eat well and cut your caffeine by half when you cut out nicotine. Stay positive and do things that you enjoy. The happier we are, the more dopamine we produce and lessen the need for that hit of nicotine. Be happy that you have the tools to now be free of a dreadful habit and that you only need to quit once. Staying active on this site after your successful journey just may help to keep you on the right path .
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 08, 2019 | 8:06
    Congratulations for not giving up Shaq67. You are more organised than before, which should stand you in good stead. The enemy is really that Nicotine person not the day, it wants you to love and hate it - dont let it do that to you, its purley hateful that it continues to want to have control over you. The only person you need to love is yourself, for being determined enough to take back your own true self, Warts and All. Deep breath and use your strategies, learn from others and learn your own relationship with Nicotine, none of them are good, read a lot and you will be OK
  • Nuts August 10, 2019 | 10:08
    Hi Shag 67. Hows it going mate. Must be day 4 for you now. Hope all is well and that you are still with us. Stay strong. You can do it. It get easier every day. You dont want to go back to day 1. 👍🤠
  • Shag67, Illawarra Shoalhaven August 10, 2019 | 10:27
    Yep Day 4. It's tough, but I got through day 3. One day at a time right, well for me one hour at a time (that's about the interlude between triggers). . . i read another commenting suggesting that we don't call it day 3 or day 4 if that is the roadblock - makes a lot of sense - I love counting those days - and then I no doubt love the trepidation that surrounds the milestone that I've never beaten before and the all pervading dread of failure!!! BUT this time I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve, a lot of experience AND a couple of new pals to help me through. Thanks for your words of encouragement thus far
  • Nuts August 10, 2019 | 12:56
    All of those 1 hours add up, and before you know it, a week is gone, then a month and so on. The milestones are great. They give you a sense of achievement and pride. Be proud of every hour that goes by without a smoke. Be strong. You can do it👍
  • Lia August 10, 2019 | 20:55
    Hi Shag67. Just wondering if you work. If so, why don't you give yourself a huge pay rise. Depending on how much money you turn into ash your windfall could be anything from $30 to $285 per week. Mine is now $285 per week. What a hoot it is to go into David Jones and to wave the credit card and to walk out with a few designer labels. I am not able to spend all the money saved. Have had to poor lots into a mortgage. I don't bat an eyelid when I spend on anything I want. I tell everyone who asks that it is merely"ash money".
  • Happiness August 12, 2019 | 22:09
    The dependency on nicotine is over now being day 6 and those cravings are psychological in nature. They are reminders that you are winning so take encouragement from them. Be happy that you are well on your way to being the non-smoker that you have strived to be be. You are doing it!

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